11 slimming methods for lazy people

11 slimming methods for lazy people

We are always discovering new ways to lose weight, and we are always vetoing it. It may not be suitable for you. It doesn’t matter. Recently, a new method of nutrition slimming has become popular internationally, that is, low.GI slimming method.

You may wish to try it.

  Low GI value slimming method to eat low-GI nutritionally balanced food, so that the food is transformed, slowly and continuously absorbed by the body, part of which becomes unfortunate, and is consumed by other organs of the body, thereby achieving slimming purposes.

  The trick is to eat a lot of vegetables first. Most vegetables are low-GI (glucose) foods. Eating vegetables first will increase the feeling of satiety, so you won’t eat too much starchy food.

  Recommendation: Fresh vegetables are eaten raw. Vegetables that are rich in fiber are cooked (even if only boiled), GI is higher than when eaten raw, so raw food is better than cooked.

  Trick 2 Choose coarse rice When the staple food changes the staple food into coarse rice, you can get full satiety, the pressure will not accumulate, and a series of serious constipation problems will be solved.

  Recommendation: After changing the white rice to coarse rice, once the body’s slight rate decreases, there is evidence of slight burning.

  Tip 3 Use fruit instead of sweets. Recommendation: Most fruits are low in GI. Eating every day will not affect weight loss.

  Tip 4 Use fruits, lactic acid drinks, and enjoy the pleasure of snacks: adding fruit to lactic acid drinks also has a unique flavor, which makes the absorption of dairy products slower.

  Tips for choosing 5 whole breads for whole wheat: Eat artificial sweet jam.

  Trick 6 replace sugar with sugar substitute: In addition to sugar substitute, fructose, Oligo oligosaccharide, are condiments that do not affect insulin secretion.

  Tip 7 Avoid eating high GI foods, simple weight loss advice: It is best not to eat pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, not to eat, try to cook thoroughly, or add milk to carefully boil.

  Trick 8 lunch with pasta as the main pasta, soba noodles, Chinese noodles can be used as a meal.

Take a noodle-based food, how to eat it.

  Suggestion: If you want to eat noodles, there are more dishes and higher nutritional value, which is the best choice.

  The trick is to eat more than 9 foods. Soy products with added protein are the source of excellent vegetable protein. The animal protein of fish and meat should also be absorbed at the same time.

  The trick is to enrich the 10 seas with rich fiber. To solve the constipation suggestion: Let the kelp foods with better metabolic rate have a lot of weight loss effects.

The chlorophyll contained in the kelp class increases the metabolic function and increases the slight burning rate. In addition to losing weight, the cold feet of the opponent also help.

  Tip 11 has a double protein vinegar, suggesting to reduce the GI value: shorten the consumption of lemon, citrus and other acid foods, can reduce the GI value, but be careful not all foods with acid taste will have an effect.

  Noun explanation: GI’s so-called GI, that is, the glycemic index is the “glycemic (glucose) index” in nutrition, that is, the ratio of absorbed food to “sugar” in the body.

Foods with high GI values will accelerate the rise of blood sugar in the body. The rise of blood sugar will lead to the secretion of insulin, and the sudden increase of insulin is the culprit to promote the formation of misfortune.

Choosing low GI foods can reduce insulin secretion and reduce excessive production and slight formation.

  Eating foods with moderate GI values is the key to people’s weight control.

At the suggestion of a dietitian or through self-study, people can achieve a healthy weight-loss by balancing the intake of foods with low GI values.

  The principle of low GI value slimming insulin is a hormone secreted by the protease.

When we eat, the blood sugar level rises, the pancreas secretes insulin, and the blood sugar required by the body is stored in the liver or muscle. The excess blood sugar is converted into an adult and stored.

The amount of insulin affects the absorption of human body metastasis. The choice of a variety of supplemental glucose foods can reduce the secretion of insulin in the human body, and has the effect of preventing metastasis and slight formation.

If the blood sugar rises too high in a short period of time, it will stimulate the body function and convert the conversion into the body into a sputum, so it will become fat.

Want to increase fat, try milk tea to increase fat

Want to increase fat, try milk tea to increase fat

Thin people want to gain weight and eat fattening food.

Milk tea is a kind of fattening food, you can get 1 kilogram in 14 days.

Thin people may wish to try milk tea to increase fat.

  Hand-cranked beverages are popular, not only have a handful of people, but also become a well-known international product in Taiwan. However, this beverage contains high sugar and high blood sugar. Too much excess will cause the body to be out of shape, and it is more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.
Cheng Renhong, chairman of the Consumers Foundation, said that a cup of milk is more expensive than a bowl of rice. If consumers drink a cup a day and lack exercise, the conversion will increase the weight by 1 kilogram after 14 days of conversion.

  According to a survey conducted by the Consumers Foundation in March, 28% of consumers will drink at least 1 cup a week, while 16% of consumers will drink 1 cup a day. The Chinese will drink 930,000 cups a year.The ratio is quite amazing.

  As a result, the Consumers Club increased the content of the sampled beverages. The sampling location was the chain of beverage specialty stores or composite catering stores in the Greater Taipei area. The sweetness and ice content of the pearl milk tea, including the normal standard amount of each store, totaled 20 cups.

  The trace amount is measured, and the highest content of pearl milk tea is between 3 and 4 grams per 100 grams, with a cup of 435.

8 grams, take a cup to take 13 to 17 grams of aunt, equivalent to 24% to 31% of the daily intake of 55 grams of aunt’s intake.

  According to the daily intake recommended by the Department of Health, saturated trace elements exceed 18 grams. Excessive amounts increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Pearl milk tea has a maximum saturated vitamin content of 3 to 4 grams per 100 grams.Get the first.

  In fact, only a few pearl milk teas are made from fresh milk. Most of the milk is sourced from creamers and no milk. The creamer is converted by vegetable oil and will produce trans fatty acids. If it is excessive, it will increase the heart.The chance of vascular disease.

  In this test, 20 pieces of pearl milk tea were detected, and 9 samples were found to contain trans fatty acids. Among them, “COCO can be detected”, the amount of trans fatty acids per 100 grams was between 0.

6 to 0.

8 grams is the highest, followed by “resting pavilion”.

In addition, “Qing Xin Fu Quan” contains 20 to 25 grams of carbonization per 100 grams of sample.

If you accidentally fall in the autumn, you will be able to keep your health.

If you accidentally fall in the autumn, you will be able to keep your health.

The weather is cool, and there are many delicious foods. Autumn is a very comfortable season, but it is also a season that is easy to gain weight. Is it a careless, and the whole summer’s weight loss results will be lost?
But after the fall, climate change is prone to illness, and it seems necessary to supplement the body. Heaven, earth!

Can the autumn tonic really avoid getting fat?

Autumn is here, how can it be nourishing?

01 Green leafy vegetables, after the addition of vitamins, the climate becomes obviously dry and cool. Therefore, there are also many seasons with high incidence of diseases, so every year should pay more attention to supplement nutrition and improve body resistance.

In autumn, you can eat green leafy vegetables to help supplement multivitamins and minerals. It can protect your body’s function, prevent skin dryness and allergies, improve your body’s immunity, and avoid excessive obesity.

02 Fermented food, help digestion into the autumn, weather changes easily cause gastrointestinal problems, so it is necessary to particularly absorb the health of the digestive tract.

In the fall, you can eat more fermented foods, such as steamed buns, glutinous rice, yogurt, and soybean meal.

Probiotics are used in these foods to help the body digest and absorb nutrients, prevent constipation and help clear the stomach.

03 Potato is the first, beneficial to slim down to avoid fat in autumn, it is also necessary to control the staple food. Potato as a seasonal food is a good substitute for rice.

The potato food is a coarse grain, added to the supplement fiber, and the glycemic index is increased. It can replace the rice to supplement and provide a feeling of fullness, which can effectively prevent constipation and excessive problems.

Moreover, the nutrient content of potato is much richer than that of refined rice noodles. Taking sweet potato as an example, it is a good staple food choice by converting carotene, multivitamins and essential amino acids.

04 cooking mainly, reducing the instantaneous weather and turning cold, many people get better in the fall, this is a good thing, but some people will become too much, causing obesity.

After the fall, you can try more steaming and cooking.

The dishes made in this way are light in taste, and the same ingredients, steamed, boiled dishes are relatively lower than the cooking, and the nutrients in the ingredients are less damaged and healthier.

However, it should be noted that no matter what cooking method is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of food to be able to control the transfer more effectively.

05 meat should not be greedy, balanced diet in accordance with the tradition of “posting autumn”, when it was the time of big fish, but such a tonic way, will accidentally repeat too much, resulting in unnecessary, not suitable for modernpeople.

The Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2016 Edition) recommends that each person should eat 100 grams of fish and shrimp (about 3-4 shrimp or half fish), 40-75 grams of livestock meat (about 1 chicken breast), 40- 50 grams of eggs (about 1 egg).

Supplemental nutrition is very important, but the climate is different at different seasons. The suitable ingredients are also very different. From early autumn to late autumn, it is necessary to adapt to the time and make up for yourself and your family.

Autumn tonic will kill: the time is suitable for September, the early autumn to eat two melons, although the autumn wind is cool, but the early autumn season is not a summer heat, at this time the diet still needs to be based on cooling, keep a light diet while paying attention to the body to make up the water,Prevent dryness, constipation, ensure the state of the body, and smoothly enter the autumn.

Winter melon is rich in potassium, which can balance absorption, promote excess water in the body, metabolism of sodium and other wastes, and eliminate edema.

Winter melon phosphate propylene glycol acid can inhibit the conversion of sugar substances into trace amounts, which can help avoid trace accumulation.

Loofah loofah is sweet and cool, has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, and has the effect of relieving cough and removing phlegm.

The plasma fiber in loofah can promote peristalsis in the body, prevent constipation, accelerate detoxification, and help the body promote metabolism.

In October, the weather in the Mid-Autumn Festival became cool and dry. At this time, many people are easy to get angry. The focus of the diet should also be based on reducing the fire and lungs. It is not advisable to eat too much hot food.

Sydney Sydney has the effect of moistening the lungs, reducing the fire and reducing the fire, and the moisture content in Sydney is as high as 86%. In the dry autumn, it can increase the water intake of the body, especially suitable for autumn consumption.

Tremella Tremella is good for the intestines, nourishing yin and moistening the lungs. It has the effect of moistening the intestines and benefiting the skin, and rejuvenating the skin. It can also protect the liver.

Tremella contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including more than 70% of essential amino acids, which is the best nourishing in autumn.

In November, eating the second meat in late autumn, the weather is getting colder. The former people “posted the autumn 膘” is also to protect the cold, but unfortunately hoard too much but not healthy, enhance immunity to effectively avoid small problems such as colds and fever.
At this point, you can properly eat the following two kinds of meat, which helps to improve your physical fitness.

Beef beef has a high protein content and contains more than 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of beef, which is preferred for muscle-enhancing foods.

As much as possible to absorb the body’s absorption of iron, zinc, B vitamins and other nutrients, can effectively help the body enhance immunity.

At the same time, beef is also a low-fat meat. The conversion of lean beef is comparable to most samples and it is not easy to gain weight.

The mutton and mutton temperament is mild, suitable for autumn and winter warming. The proper amount of food will not overlap too much, and it is not easy to get angry. Moreover, the mutton is rich in protein and carnitine, which can promote muscle growth, can help promote metabolism and accelerate fat burning.
In the face of the fall, tonic is necessary, but “Autumn Festival” is still free, take this autumn diet Raiders, this fall, healthy nutrition does not gain weight.

What are the symptoms of thyroid pillitis patients to prevent retinitis pills?

What are the symptoms of thyroid pillitis patients to prevent retinitis pills?

Orchitis is a common disease in men, and the harm is not small, then you know how to prevent orchitis?

Headache medicine in the life makes many men lose their qualifications as a father, but also seriously affects the health of men. So, how can men prevent orchitis?

General symptoms of orchitis 1, high fever, chills; 2, sick testicular pain, and scrotum, thigh root and groin area radiation pain; 3, diseased testicular swelling, tenderness, if the suppuration touch up there will be accumulation of pus changeFeelings; 4, children with viral orchitis, visible swelling and pain of the parotid gland; 5, often accompanied by scrotal skin redness and scrotal hydrocele.

Prevention method 1 for headache medicine, such as a heterogeneous pain sensation during massage, may be retinitis or epididymitis, please go to the hospital for examination.

2, should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase vitamin C and other ingredients to improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

3, be careful not to eat spicy food, do not smoke and drink, do not stand for a long time, do not over-sex life, do not repeat masturbation and so on.

4, middle-aged men should pay attention to their own testicular maintenance.

Electrostatic pill maintenance is an important means to solve male dysfunction.

Men can massage the plasma pill in the hands of bathing or before going to bed. When the thumb is lightly pinched and the plasma pill is smooth, each massage is ten minutes in reverse, and there must be a headache for a long time.

If men don’t want kidney pill to deprive themselves of their father’s rights, they should strengthen the protection of plasma pill in their lives. At the same time, if they find abnormal insulin pill, they will go to the hospital for treatment!

Daily health tips

Daily health tips

Do you often encounter unexpected little troubles in your daily life?

Don’t worry, the method described below will help you easily!

  Dry lips and prepare a lip balm with a cracking effect. Apply immediately after a few symptoms, apply once every few hours, and pay attention to drink plenty of water.

If the lips are dry and blistering, apply more diligently to shorten the healing time.

  Symptoms to be treated: After 1 week of applying lip balm, the symptoms of chapped lips continue to persist and the pain increases. You should see a doctor promptly.

  Limb Scratch Prepare some external medicines with hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects, apply to the injured area, stop bleeding, prevent bacterial infection and help skin growth.

The wound can be cleaned with light salt water every day, and the dressing can be healed in 3-5 days.

  Symptoms that need to be treated: After using the hemostatic drug for a few minutes, the blood flow is still more, or the wound is red and swollen, or the wound is deep and blocked. It should be replaced in the hospital or further treated.

  Rub the blisters with your feet and take a needle. After disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, gently blister the blisters.

Then apply an antibacterial ointment and wrap it with a soft, elastic, breathable bandage.

At the same time, you can put some antiperspirant on your feet to prevent sweating at the soles of your feet and cause infection.

In addition, you should change a pair of comfortable flat shoes.

  Symptoms of the need for treatment: After taking the above emergency measures, the blisters not only did not disappear, but instead appeared red and swollen, and there was a tingling sensation, indicating that there may be infections. They should go to the hospital for treatment and do not handle them by themselves.

  Keep snoring and drink a few hot waters, take a deep breath, hold your breath for 1 minute, and squeeze the stomach like a bowel movement. Usually you can stop after a few minutes.

  Symptoms of the need to see a doctor: Continue to snoring for more than 1 day, should go to the hospital for examination, may be a problem with the digestive system.

Urinary urinary pain, a large amount of drinking water, immediately drained when there is urine, so that the bacteria can be excreted to prevent further deterioration of the infection.

Symptoms to be treated: Urinary urinary pain does not relieve, and there is fever, hematuria, low back pain, nausea and vomiting, should seek medical advice.

It is better to take medicine than to supplement 16 kinds of magical foods.

It is better to take medicine than to supplement 16 kinds of magical foods.

You are “love” to eat, but not necessarily “will” eat.

Some foods provide the necessary energy for the body, as well as unique health and adjuvant treatments.

According to the scientific confirmation of many medical and nutrition experts in the United States, Life Jun summed up “16 common foods with therapeutic effects”.

Eating these foods will help you stay away from certain diseases.

  A banana slows down.

  Dutch scientists have found that bananas help relieve stress, relieve depression, and make people happier.

Dr. Molly Kimbauer, a registered physician in sports nutrition at the New Orleans Fitness Center in the United States, suggests eating bananas when feeling stressed and worried about depression.

A medium-sized banana with 105 calories and 14 grams of sugar helps to moderately increase blood sugar levels, meets 30% of vitamin B6 daily intake, helps the brain synthesize more serotonin, and helps fight depression andconcern.

  A raisin helps to reduce blood pressure.

  The study found that a handful of raisins (about 60) contained 1 gram of dietary fiber and 212 mg of potassium.

Potassium lowers blood pressure, and plasma fibers lower blood pressure by reducing the risk of hardening of the arteries.

Both are recommended antihypertensive nutrients in the US “Terminating Hypertensive Disease Therapy”.

Numerous studies have shown that the polyphenols contained in grapes, raisins and wines help to maintain cardiovascular health.

A study of metabolic and atherosclerotic research centers in the University of Louisville, USA, with a pre-hypertension patient (blood pressure between 130 / 80-139 / 89 mm Hg) found that eating three times a dayAfter 12 weeks of raisin, the systolic and diastolic blood pressures of the patients were reduced by 6-10.

2 mm Hg and 2.


2 mm Hg.

  A cup of yogurt is anti-flatulence.

  A study published in the American Journal of Nutritional Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that 1.

5 cups (about 368 grams) of probiotic yogurt can greatly improve the digestion and absorption capacity of the rehabilitation road.

Dr. Jinbauer said that under normal circumstances, beans and glucose are difficult to digest, and once the function is re-digested, it is easy to cause abdominal swelling and fart, and drinking yogurt can help solve this problem.

Experts suggest that drinking a cup of yogurt every day after meals or two hours before meals has a certain effect on constipation and flatulence.

  8 dried apricots against kidney stones.

  According to the American Nutrition Society, other state comprehensive nutritionist Dr. Kristen Gebstadt said that 8 dried apricots contain 2 grams of starch fiber and 325 milligrams of potassium, and only contain 3 milligrams of sodium.

These help prevent minerals from accumulating in the urine, forming calcium oxalate stones, the most common being kidney stones.

  A can of tuna drives away depression.

  A can of canned tuna contains about 800 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

The study found that omega-3 fatty acids help treat depression.

Dr. Elizabeth Semma, a well-known American nutritionist, said that the American Psychiatric Association has reduced omega-3 fatty acids to reduce depression treatment options.

  Drink a cup of ginger tea to ease the nausea.

  Dozens of studies have shown that ginger can relieve nausea and nausea symptoms of motion sickness (motion sickness, seasickness and airsickness, etc.) and can also help pregnant women overcome morning sickness.

For example, 1/4 teaspoon of ginger powder, 0.

5-1 teaspoon of ginger, or 1 cup of ginger tea immediately exerts antiemetic effect.

Take a car, take a piece of ginger before taking a boat or plane, and then take a motion sickness, the effect will be better.

Researchers say that ginger is effective and safe, and does not produce dry mouth and dizziness.

  Basil treats stomach upset.

  Several studies have found that eugenol in basil (also known as lanxiang) can alleviate the effects of complications such as abdominal pain, nausea, stomach ulcers and diarrhea by killing bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria.

Dr. Mildred Mattfield Biman, head of the Department of Nutrition at the University of St. Louis, said that the effect of the Basil anti-reverse breakthrough is very significant, adding chopped fresh basil to the seasoning juice and salad.  Eat pears to lower blood fat.

  A medium sized pear contains 5 grams of supplemental fiber, most of which are in the form of a gel.

Types of fiber help to “wash away” “bad cholesterol” (ie, low-density lipoprotein).

Excessive levels of bad cholesterol are a major risk factor for heart disease.

A recent study by American nutritionists found that taking 10 grams of plasma-replaced fiber from pears and other foods can satisfy 40% of the daily fiber intake.

  Two spoonfuls of honey stop coughing.

  A study by the US Federal State University found that two teaspoons of honey relieved children’s cough even more than over-the-counter cough medicine.

Dr. John Lapma, director of the Shef Clinic in California, said that honey’s antioxidants and antibacterial agents help to relieve inflammation and redness.

  A cabbage to prevent stomach ulcers.

  A study by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that the nutrients contained in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage can effectively kill H. pylori.

It is the chief culprit in causing stomach ulcers and peptic ulcers.

The study also found that eating more cabbage can even help inhibit tumors in the digestive tract.

Eating a small cup (about 91 grams) of cabbage only adds 34 calories, but can add 3 grams of fiber and a large amount of vitamin C, which can meet 75% of the daily vitamin C demand.

  Eat turkey to relieve insomnia.

  Tryptophan is an important amino acid that helps the body produce sleep-regulating serotonin and melatonin.

A variety of studies have shown that the level of tryptophan in insomniacs is low, while the recombinant tryptophan in turkey and chicken can eat 85 grams of turkey per day to meet the daily demand for tryptophan.

  4 figs to prevent hemorrhoids.

  Dr. Elizabeth Semma, a famous American nutritionist, said that 4 dried figs contain 3 grams of dietary fiber, which can make the stool soft and smooth, and prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids.

The potassium and manganese contained in the fig can satisfy 5% and 10% of the daily intake of the human body, respectively.

  A glass of orange juice relieves fatigue.

  Dr. Gbstadt, an American nutritionist, said that drinking a glass of orange juice every day can quickly eliminate fatigue, and fructose in orange juice plays a key role.

Multiple studies have shown that the rich vitamin C in orange juice can fight the oxidative stress generated by free radicals and provide energy for the human body.

Vitamin C still plays a key role in the process of metabolizing iron, thereby more effectively increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the bloodstream.

  Garlic inhibits mold infections.

  The study found that allicin is a special substance in garlic and has an inhibitory effect on mold.

Several studies have also shown that thyme, clove and orange essential oils are also effective killers.

Experts suggest that garlic can be eaten together with pork and salad.

  Drink chamomile tea to ease heartburn.

  Dr. Dale Bayrisfield, a clinical herbalist in New Jersey, said that chamomile can relieve symptoms such as rupture of the digestive tract, rupture and swelling.

Add 2 teaspoons of chamomile to about 280 grams of boiling water and cover for 20 minutes.

Sub-metabolism every day can alleviate heartburn discomfort.

  Eat potatoes to stop headaches.

  A medium-sized potato contains 37 grams of glucose, which can relieve headache symptoms by increasing serotonin levels.

After a drunken headache, you can recover from eating potatoes.

The reason is that excessive drinking can easily lead to dehydration of the body and loss of trace elements potassium, leading to imbalance of electrolytes in the body.

Therefore, eating potential potassium foods such as potatoes and bananas can alleviate hangover headaches.

It is better to eat potatoes after drunk than bananas because of the higher potassium content in potatoes.

The old man has four fears in autumn health – drinking water, fearing less eyes, afraid of drying

The old man has four fears in his autumn health: drinking water is afraid of less eyes and afraid of drying

In the autumn, the weather is getting cooler, the temperature is starting to drop, the climate becomes dry, and the human body is transformed from summer wetness to autumn dryness.

From cold dew to frost, the temperature plummeted.

People can easily feel the cold and cause diseases because they can’t adapt at the moment.

In particular, the elderly have poor metabolic capacity, both afraid of heat and cold. It is often difficult to adapt to sudden changes in the climate. Diseases and diseases are easily invaded into the body, leading to diseases such as dry cough, asthma, and chest pain.

Usually suffering from chronic bronchitis or acute elderly, it is easy to relapse.

In addition, diseases such as rheumatism, stomach diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc., are also easily induced or aggravated in this season.

  Note that the elderly have four fears in the fall. The elderly use air conditioners to pay special attention to the low temperature, which can easily cause the muscles to get cold and cause joint pain.

Especially for the elderly with cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, it is necessary to keep warm.

If the weather is hot and the house needs to be air-conditioned, the temperature should be kept at around 26 °C, and the dehumidification function can be opened.

In public, the temperature is low, and the old man should add a shawl in time.

You can do some simple actions every night, such as sit-ups, looking out the window, etc., fully aligning your head, keeping your head muscles in your neck and waist.

  2, drinking water is afraid of less heat when the elderly can not wait until thirsty and then drink water, we must regularly add water.

Old people with chronic diseases, once the risk of water shortage is high.

In addition, the old man can not drink too much too much at a time, and it should be a small number of times.

Drinking water too fast, the elderly with a bad heart will have chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

  3, eyes afraid of the sun For the elderly, the eyes are more afraid of the sun than the skin.

Long-term exposure to the sun will cause “aging macular degeneration” early.

For elderly patients with cataracts, keratitis and other eye diseases, protecting the eyes from UV rays can promote disease recovery.

It is recommended that elderly friends wear sunglasses when they are out, and the color is best in brown.

Wear a sunhat and a parasol.

  4, the stomach is afraid of cold people to the elderly, the function of the spleen and stomach is getting worse, and the cold things should be eaten less, such as iced watermelon and various drinks.

The method of frying is mainly stewed, stewed, and less cold. If you like to eat cold salad, you can add ginger, minced garlic or mustard, a warm stomach, and two can have a bactericidal effect.

Don’t leave the leftovers for too long, try to eat as little as possible.

  Doing a good job in the health care of the fall is very important for the health of the elderly.

Therefore, we must do the following: First, in terms of daily life and mental emotions, we must coordinate with the climate change in the autumn harvest.

  Chinese medicine believes that the autumn yang begins to converge and the yin gradually turns into prosperity.

At this time, the old people should get up early and get up early, and properly carry out sports activities.

Because the climate is dry, the old people should take a bath less to prevent skin pruritus from drying out.

In terms of mental emotions, you should be calm and calm. If you are over-excited and excited, it will cause yang to float, which may cause illness.

In the late autumn, the yin plunges, the elderly must pay special attention to keep warm, and the clothes are to be increased or decreased with the seasons, causing the evils to invade and the yang to leak.

  Second, the diet should not be cold and cold, especially those who are yang deficiency and cold should be more cautious.

  Old people should not be cold and cold, and should not eat too much food, such as lamb, squid, pepper, raw garlic, alcohol and so on.

Because too much hot food is easy to make the yang in the body move and can not hide, and the disease is prone to yin deficiency over time.

After the fall, a large number of fruits and vegetables are on the market, and these fruits are mostly good for health.

However, the folks have the saying that “the autumn melon is bad belly”, so the fruit is sweet but not too much, otherwise it will damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.

  Third, close your eyes and raise your spirits.

  The autumn sun and the hustle and bustle, the wilderness of the wilderness, and the high autumn atmosphere are the good old days for the elderly to close their eyes and gather their eyes. At this time, the elderly should go to the park, the countryside, the forests and other forests to prosper, quiet and elegant land, and do the qigong of closing the gods.

Close your eyes, relax your eye muscles first, then relax your face, your heart will spurt out, and your eyes will have God.Many celebrity bachelors can receive the magical effect of replenishing their talents while they are suffering from intense mental work.

Treating constipation what the elderly should eat –

What should the elderly eat for constipation?

In our nutrition consultation room, we can often receive calls from the elderly or children for the elderly: “What can I eat to make the stool not dry?

“They said that constipation brings too much pain to the elderly, often feeling abdominal pain, bloating, headache, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite.

Many people suffer from anal pain due to anal pain during defecation, and even fear of defecation.

  So how does constipation happen?

  Common causes of constipation are: the supplemental structure is unreasonable, the food is too fine, and the fiber is replaced, which reduces the stimulation of colonic movement, which is an important reason for constipation.

Basically, life is irregular, there is no habit of regular bowel movements, and the amount of drinking water is insufficient. Some elderly people repeat the strong laxatives for a long time, and form a substitute for laxatives. The long-term use of antibiotics leads to the imbalance of normal flora in the body.

Of course, there are some organic constipation, to investigate the reasons, such as complications and swelling, intestinal obstruction, intestinal adhesions, severe malnutrition leading to muscle weakness, intestinal relaxation.

For organic constipation, it is recommended that the elderly should treat the primary disease, and the dietary treatment should be analyzed in detail.

  Here, we make a few suggestions for the elderly with functional constipation.

  First of all, to change bad eating habits.

Food should not be too fine, staple food should be slightly, coarse grain mix, do not overlap with the replacement of soy products, winter do not forget red beans, summer do not forget green beans, eat a porridge every day, often eat whole wheat bread; vegetables and fruits are dietary fiberA good source of food, 1 kg of vegetables per day, of which celery, onion, leeks, fungus, kelp, mushrooms, etc. should always appear on the table, guaranteeing 2 to 4 fruits, bananas and apples during the day.

Older people with bad mouths should eat stuffed foods such as steamed buns, steamed dumplings, dumplings, etc., or cut vegetables into cooked vegetables, fruit-made mud (smashed into mud with soymilk or food processor).
1-2 boxes of yogurt per day.

  In addition, increase the amount of water.

Zheng Dabo, who came to our consultation room, is a typical patient with water-deficient constipation.

Seeing that his skin is dry and yellow, he doesn’t like to drink porridge, he doesn’t like to drink water, and he doesn’t drink soup. Because he has been sticking to it for many years, he does not feel thirsty, but constipation often wastes him and makes him miserable.

We recommend that he should drink about 2000 ml of water per day. Water can be used as a pressurizing agent. The supplement fiber can fully absorb water in order to expand, stimulate bowel movement and soften feces.

  Also be careful not to develop the habit of relying on laxatives.

Laxatives cause food to pass through the body too quickly, reducing the digestion and absorption of food by intervention, resulting in loss of multiple nutrients.

Long-term use of laxatives can make the intestinal muscles loose and deform, and the flora is dysfunctional, which will increase constipation.

  Finally, old friends who remind constipation should always eat some honey, black sesame seeds, etc. They have a good effect of implanting constipation.

Black sesame seeds should be ground into powder, put into rice porridge, then add honey, you can laxative, moisturizing, and dry.

Chinese medicine prescription for treating habitual constipation

Chinese medicine prescription for treating habitual constipation

Huangqi Jianzhong Tang Huangqi, female scorpion each 20 grams, platycodon 9 grams, licorice, cassia twigs each 6 grams, white return, angelica each 15 grams, jujube 12, ginger 3 tablets.

The amount of sugar.

One dose a day, Shuijianbi, and even served for 10 days for a course of treatment, generally taking 1 medicine?
2 courses of treatment.

  Efficacy: benefit temperature yang, nourishing blood.

  Source of prescription: Excerpt from the magazine New Chinese Medicine 1996, (2) 40 grams of Tongbai Siwutang Atractylodes Rhizome, 20 grams of Cistanche, 20 grams of Rehmannia glutinosa, 10 grams of fried clam shell.

Decoction, morning and evening, one dose a day.

5 doses for a course of treatment, after a normal stool, take a course of treatment to consolidate the effect.

  Efficacy; nourishing yin and moistening, increasing fluid and fluid.

  Prescription source: Excerpted from the magazine Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine 1994, (1) 20 grams of spleen dressing soup, licorice, 60 grams of Huai wheat, 30 grams of Atractylodes, 20 grams of Huang Jing, 15 grams of jujube.

Shuijianbi, 150ml each morning and evening.

Other Chinese and Western medicines were discontinued during the medication.

January is a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: nourish the spleen and yin, laxative.

  Source of prescription: taken from the magazine Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine 1991, (3) 9 grams of phlegm and blood stasis rhubarb, 9 grams of fried medlar, 9 grams of fried Shenqu, 茯苓, Astragalus, Coptis, 6 grams of Atractylodes, 6 grams of Alisma.

The medicine is researched as fine, and the soup is steamed into a pill, 1 per day?
2 times, 3 each time?
6 grams.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, guiding stagnation and laxative.

  Source of prescription: excerpted from “Inner and Outer Injury”

Teach you four tricks to restore your waist after birth

Teach you four tricks to restore your waist after birth

Postpartum abdominal hypertrophy, small waist is no longer, is the first pass for many new mothers facing the body shape.

How can I restore the prenatal low waist? Xiaobian teaches you four tricks to make it easy for you to recover.

   In the pregnancy, Mommy has to supplement too much nutrients in order to meet the growth and development of the baby, causing excessive accumulation in the abdomen.

  4 reasons why the new mother’s waist is prone to crisis 1. Postpartum lack of exercise New mother’s postpartum diet control is unscientific, repeat too much high protein, high fat food, while insufficient exercise, energy metabolism imbalance, eating a lot or less exerciseOr both, causing the cumulative introduction of greater consumption, will inevitably lead to excellent storage.

Overnutrition, it is easy to cause abdominal obesity.

Abdominal skin relaxation During pregnancy, the uterus grows rapidly with the development of the baby, leading to excessive expansion of the abdominal muscles and skin, and the dermis is pulled or fractured, causing paralysis of the limbs.

  3, too little sleep study shows that some mothers because of higher deep sleep, it is easy to lead to a good waist obesity.

  4, endocrine tension disorder New mother due to the pressure of life, long-term mental stress, when the occurrence of elevated levels of corticosteroids in the body, especially prone to cause a slight accumulation of lumbar spine.

  How to deal with the waist “fat” 1, the best way is to replace breast milk instead of breast milk is the best way to lose weight.

Baby newborns can suck the nipples to help the uterus contract, and the process of making milk also consumes the aunt in the mother.

  2, healthy diet should control the diet, and pay attention to nutritional balance, but also need to eat too much, control weight gain, blind tonic will increase pregnant women.

Stir fry with low-fat vegetable oil and spray the salad oil with a watering can to try to reduce the oil content of the food.

  3, thin waist can not be beamed Some new mothers plan to use the belly to achieve the goal of thin waist, which is actually not safe, there will be unexpected problems.

Because the pressure on the belt is urgent, the abdominal pressure is increased, and the blood circulation of the abdominal organs is clamped. It is prone to abdominal distension, indigestion and constipation, and it is easy for the new mother to get hemorrhoids.

  4, to maintain exercise is very important to adjust the daily exercise for 30 minutes, at least to reach the amount of exercise for more than 30 minutes per day for 3 days per week; to train local muscles with soft exercises or other posture exercises.