[How long can squeezed breastmilk be kept]_Breastmilk_How to save_Storage time

[How long can squeezed breastmilk be kept]_Breastmilk_How to save_Storage time

Modern society advocates breastfeeding for women. Breast milk intake for babies can meet the baby’s physical growth needs, and is the best ration for babies. However, when the baby is younger,If it is unnecessary, it is easy to cause milk to remain. At this time, mothers need to squeeze out the milk in time to prevent the occurrence of milk stasis. How long can the squeezed breast milk be stored?

How long can I squeeze breast milk?

First, the refrigerator freezer saves 0?
It can be stored under the condition of 4 ℃ for eight days. If the temperature of the refrigerator cannot be guaranteed, it is best to control it within 24 hours, especially on hot summer days.

Second, the length of cryopreservation of breast milk is closely related to the condition of the freezer. For a freezer that is kept at a temperature below 0 ° C from the refrigerated compartment, if the door needs to be opened and closed frequently, the storage period should not exceed 3?
4 months; if it is a deep freezer, the freezing temperature can reach minus 15 ℃?
18 ℃, and the door is not opened often, the shelf life can be as long as 6 months or even longer.

Third, the container used to freeze breast milk is also particular about the container, it is best to use suitable frozen, well-sealed plastic products, followed by glass products, it is best not to use metal products, thereby reducing the nutrition of breast milk.

Fourth, the thawed stored breast milk will decompose and look blue, yellow or brown, which is normal.

When thawing frozen breast milk, the sealed bag should be rinsed with cold water, and then hot water should be gradually added until the breast milk is completely thawed and raised to a temperature suitable for feeding.

Do not heat breast milk directly in a stove or microwave oven, otherwise the active nutrients in breast milk may be destroyed.

Generally, there are two types of breast milk storage, one is storage at room temperature, and the other is storage at refrigerator temperature: storage at room temperature is mainly carried out without refrigeration equipment, and it can be kept fresh for a short period of time. How long can it be stored?According to the room temperature at that time, if the indoor temperature is low, it can generally be stored for 24 hours, but if the indoor temperature is relatively high, the storage time varies from 6 hours to 12 hours.

Therefore, in order to prevent babies from eating stale and deteriorated breast milk, pregnant women are advised not to store breast milk at room temperature in summer.

Refrigerated storage is the practice of Baoma extruding breast milk in advance and keeping it fresh in refrigerated equipment such as refrigerators.

Refrigerated storage can help breast milk to be stored for a longer period of time, usually for a minimum of several days and up to several months.

However, if it is not a special case, it is recommended that Baomao do not store breast milk for so long, after all, it is too long, and the active ingredients in breast milk may be lost or deteriorated.

[How does subcutaneous implant contraception work?

】 _How to contraception

[How does subcutaneous implant contraception work?
】 _How to contraception

Now, because of the influence of foreign cultures, many young people become more open-minded, so I often see them changing boyfriends and girlfriends very often. Because of this, accidental pregnancy is very common.
Almost all of the women who line up in the hospital every day are young people.
In fact, contraception is not as troublesome as imagined. For example, it is possible to do a subcutaneous implant contraception.
So, how exactly does subcutaneous implant contraception work?
Subcutaneous implantation is a new type of contraceptive method, which has been popularized worldwide.
This method of contraception is to put a certain amount of progesterone in a silicon capsule tube, and then bury the tube under the skin, so that it slowly releases a small amount of progestin, thereby playing a contraceptive role.
Subcutaneous implantation was introduced in China in 1984. It was first used in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang and other cities. At present, 15 provinces and cities across the country have established clinical trial centers for subcutaneous implantation to perform subcutaneous implantation.
According to statistics, the pregnancy rate within 2 years is only 0.
1%, pregnancy rate is 0 within 3 years
twenty four%.
Principles Subcutaneous implanted contraceptives achieve contraceptive purposes by changing the viscosity of cervical mucus to prevent sperm from entering the uterine cavity; inhibiting the growth of the endometrium, which is not conducive to the implantation of fertilized eggs;
Method of operation Subcutaneous implantation contraception is generally performed within 7 days of menstrual cramps or at the same time as abortion surgery.
The operation is simple. A small incision is made on the inside of the contraceptive’s upper arm. A special trocar is used to push 6 silicon capsule tubes from the incision into the skin (arranged in a fan shape). The operation ends here. The incision does not require suture.The operation can be completed in a few minutes.
Currently the latest implants only require single root implants.
There may be bruising and swelling in the local area within a few days after the operation. In this case, there is no need to deal with it, and it will disappear on its own after a few days.
Seek immediate medical attention if the wound is bleeding, infected, or the silicone capsule tube comes out.
Sexual life can only be performed 24 hours after the operation.
A set of silicone capsule tubes can be used for 5 years to prevent contraception, and then they can be removed.
If you need to continue using this method of contraception, you can re-embed a set of silicon capsule tubes; if you are planning to give birth, remove the silicon capsule tube in the first half of the planned pregnancy, during which you can use condoms and external contraceptives.
During the period of subcutaneous implant contraception, if amenorrhea occurs, irregular vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain occur, you should immediately see a doctor for pregnancy.
However, most women have a good bleeding pattern. In clinical studies, the average is 6.
7% of women reported frequent bleeding findings, with frequent bleeding being defined as:> 5 bleeding / spot bleeding episodes within a 90-day reference period.
When irregular bleeding occurs, and after a doctor’s examination, it is indeed not suitable for subcutaneous implants. Implants should be discontinued, but the probability is only about 10%.
One adverse event that can occur in virtually any hormonal method is irregular bleeding.

[How to cook black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds]_Home cooking of black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds_How to make black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds_How to make black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds

[How to cook black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds]_Home cooking of black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds_How to make black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds_How to make black chicken with Chinese yam lotus seeds

With the continuous progress of life, we have more and more requirements for food. We must eat nutritiously and eat with confidence and safety. I am the safest and safest in cooking. I will introduce you to the method of stewing black chicken with yam lotus seedsCome and learn it!


After washing the material, cut the black chicken legs into 4 pieces, and divide all the materials into two parts.


1 yam and wolfberry.


2 Put the sliced black chicken legs into the stew pot, and add the lotus seeds.


1 Cover a piece and place in an electric saucepan.


2 Add 400ml of water per cup of water.


Put an appropriate amount of water in the electric saucepan, start the power and select the slow-simmering program for 4 hours; add the salt and cook after cooking.


Finished product.

Today, this simple and nutritious yam lotus seed stewed black chicken is introduced here for everyone. Xiaobian also wishes the housewives to cook with a happy mood, which will surely make the family eat healthy and happy!

Suntec Technology (002815): Pay attention to the possibility of technological breakthroughs leading to track upgrades

Suntec Technology (002815): Pay attention to the possibility of technological breakthroughs leading to track upgrades

The main points of investment have successfully transitioned from a small batch leader to a large batch with a bright future.

The company is a leader in the domestic PCB industry for small batch boards. With its professional market positioning and years of technology and experience, it has formed a unique, effective service model and the ability to quickly respond to customer needs.

The company has a high level of refined management and flexible manufacturing, an excellent level of ERP and management, and an excellent production process, so the level of production efficiency and cost control is higher than its peers.

The three items of per capita salary, per capita output value and per capita profit are at the forefront of the domestic PCB industry. Per capita profit and per capita output value continue to increase, and production efficiency continues to increase.

The company successfully entered the field of medium and large-volume boards in recent years: the increase in orders for medium and large-volume boards has driven the company’s average unit area to continue to increase in recent years, from 6 in 2013.

68 square meters / single increased to 9 in 2016.

4 square meters / single.

70% of the company’s new orders in 2018 were medium and large-volume orders, marking the company’s successful transformation into the medium and large-volume market.

5G and the PCB industry resonate, and the company’s future orders are of high quality.

The 5G era has brought new growth in the PCB downstream industry, and 5G base stations have also brought explosive growth in high-frequency boards.

Taking advantage of the 5G storm, the company uses its technical barriers and cost advantages accumulated in deep cultivation of high-end PCB products. 5G base station and other related products have made good progress in research and development, with high value and high product barriers.

Acquisitions and investments go hand in hand, and the PCB industry is fully deployed.

The company further acquires Sandeguan and Punoway, and the product layout is expanded to FPC, MEMS PCB and light sensors, further enriching the company’s existing products.

Leveraging the technological advantages and customer resources accumulated in the FPC and PCB professional fields by Suntec and Punoway, it has quickly opened up market segments, and accordingly entered the downstream PCB field such as automotive electronics and consumer electronics to gain new opportunities for profit growth.

At the same time, the company wholly established Nantong Chongdada Company and invested in the research and development and production of IC substrates, combining its advantages in fine management and customer 杭州桑拿网 resources, quickly establishing barriers to entry, and further improving the layout of high-end industrial lines.

PCB capacity shifted eastward, and export business moved forward steadily.

As an export-oriented company, Suntech exports more than 70% of its products overseas, of which 20% are American customers.

The company adopts FOB delivery method, and the increase of trade tax has little effect on the company’s profit.

In addition, the gap between the US downstream industry demand and the upstream and upstream PCB supply scissors has gradually widened, increasing the bargaining power of mainland Chinese PCB manufacturers.

In addition, the company has more than 1,100 customers worldwide, distributed in multiple countries and regions, and reached long-term and stable cooperative relations, which helps to share the company’s export risks in the changing global trade pattern.

Recently, the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar broke through 7, and exports are favorable.

Investment suggestion: The overall trend of PCB global production capacity transfer to land capital is clear, the company’s strong position in 5G and other high-margin businesses is expanded, and the company is committed to introducing an increasingly competitive market share of product competitiveness; the company plans steadily and aggressively, Jiangmen and ZhuhaiThe progress of the project is in line with expectations; the internal operating advantages provide protection for the company’s profitability.

We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/20206.


600 million, the current corresponding PE is 22x / 17x.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: environmental protection policy affects production capacity layout, production expansion progress is less than expected

Jerry shares (002353): Performance in line with expectations maintains high growth in 2019-2020

Jerry shares (002353): Performance in line with expectations maintains high growth in 2019-2020

The event company disclosed its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 45.

9.7 billion, an increase of 44 in ten years.

23%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

1.5 billion, an annual increase of 807.


Brief commentary conclusion: The oil service industry has ushered in a high business climate. It is judged that the performance of the company from 2019 to 2020 will maintain a high growth.

9.7 billion and 6.

1.5 billion, basically in line with expectations, mainly benefited from the high prosperity of the oil service industry and the improvement of core business profitability.

We maintain our judgment that the boom of this round of oil services lasted for at least 3 years, as proposed in early 2018.

Judging the company’s revenue for 2019-2020 are 62.

1.6 billion and 82.

3 billion, the previous growth rates were 41% and 32%; net profit attributable to mothers was 8 respectively.

6.1 billion and 13.

6.1 billion, the previous growth rates were 47% and 58%, corresponding to EPS of 0 to 2019-2020.

90 yuan / share and 1.

42 yuan / share.

Improved certainty of expected performance, raise target price to 31 (+6) yuan / share, corresponding to 21 times P / E in 2020, maintain “Buy” rating.

The performance continued to rise quarter by quarter, and the performance performance was in line with expectations of the company’s 2018 revenue of 45.

9.7 billion, 44 per year.

23%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

1.5 billion every year 807.

57%, single-quarter performance continued to rise from quarter to quarter.

The consolidated gross profit margin was 26 in 2017.

8% to 31 in 2018.

65%, profitability quickly recovered.

At the same time, benefiting from economies of scale, the period expense ratio was 22 in 2017.

5% dropped to 15.

22%, it is estimated that the business scale will continue to expand rapidly in 2019-2020, and the expense rate will continue to rise during the period.

Among them, core business income from drilling and completion equipment14.

7.9 billion, 75 annually.

58%, gross 武汉夜生活网 margin 43.

7%, an increase of 7 per year.

07 pcts, basically in line with expectations; income from technical services in developing countries7.

9.9 billion per year.

49%, gross profit margin 11.

20%, an increase of 4 per year.

84pcts, basically in line with expectations, the boom in the oil service industry continued, and the gross profit margin of drilling and completion equipment and generator technology services business was gradually increased.

Statutory average return on net assets7.53%, an increase of 6 per year.

67pcts, judging that ROE will go further and higher.

The continued prosperity and speed of the industry boom is expected to exceed the expected contraction in supply while the steady demand is the main reason for the rise in oil prices in the first quarter.

Brent oil price broke through $ 南京桑拿网 70 / barrel again, and has increased 28% so far in the first quarter. The preliminary results are as follows: 1) OPEC production reduction has been well implemented, and OPEC production reduction rate of 105% in February;The strategy of “flowing” strategy gradually reduced the number of rigs, and the growth rate of US crude oil production began to shorten. 3) The OECD oil inventory has fallen below the 5-year average, and oil prices are more sensitive to changes in supply and demand. 4) The demand side is stable.

The prosperity and strength of the oil and gas equipment industry is expected to exceed expectations.

In 2018, we consolidated and proposed that this round of oil service boom lasted for at least 3 years. Among them, PetroChina’s capital expenditure growth rate in 2018/2019 was 21% and 16%, and Sinopec’s 2018/2019 were 35% and 41% respectively; CNOOCIn 2018/2019, they are 25% and 21%, respectively (taken as the median value of the capital expenditure plan for 2019 is 75 billion).

According to our continuous tracking of the oil service industry, it is expected that the sustainability and speed of the industry boom will exceed expectations. The company is a domestic oil service leader and will fully benefit from the high industry boom.

The orders in hand are full and it is judged that the company’s performance in 2019-2020 has maintained high growth. The company will gradually obtain orders 60 in 2018.

5.7 billion, year-end stock orders 36.

2.0 billion, although the first quarter is usually the scheduled off-season, since January 2019, CNPC has released a large number of drilling and completion supporting equipment bidding projects, and the industry is more prosperous.

Judging the company’s 2019-2020 performance will maintain high growth.

Judging the company’s revenue for 2019-2020 are 62.

1.6 billion and 82.

3 billion, the previous growth rates were 41% and 32%; net profit attributable to mothers was 8 respectively.

6.1 billion and 13.

6.1 billion, the previous growth rates were 47% and 58%.

Risk warning: the industry’s prosperity is lower than expected; orders fall more than expected.

Tianshun Wind Energy (002531): Better than expected wind tower volume

Tianshun Wind Energy (002531): Better than expected wind tower volume

Event: Tianshun Wind Energy released the 2019 semi-annual report, the report merged, and the company realized revenue 24.

7.7 billion (yo + 53.

26%); realized net profit attributable to mother 3.

3.4 billion (+ 38% YoY).

42%); Realize net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 3.

160,000 yuan (+41 compared with the same period last year).

79%), the overall performance exceeded market expectations.

Among them, Q2 achieved revenue of 16.

3.6 billion, an increase of 66 in ten years.

28%, an increase of 94 from the previous month.

33%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

47 ppm, an increase of 54 in ten years.

95%, an increase of 183.


The overall performance exceeded market expectations: the reported consolidated company’s performance achieved stable development of the business: 1) revenue from wind towers and components18.

750,000 yuan, an annual increase of 42.

72%, expected to contribute to net profit1.


8 ‰; 2) Revenue from power generation business 2.

78 ppm, an increase of 78 in ten years.

84%, expected to contribute to net profit1.


400 million; 3) Blades achieve revenue 2.

530,000 yuan, an increase of 341 in ten years.

28%, expected to contribute 0 net profit.



The volume of wind towers has been rising, the blades are overweight and profitability has improved significantly: in the first half of the year, towers and components achieved revenue of 18%.

750,000 yuan, an annual increase of 42.

72%; the demand in the beneficiary industry has clearly picked up, with sales reaching 20.

38 for the first time, growing 21 per year.

74%; the average price reached 9198 yuan / ton, a year-on-year increase of 17.

23%; the gross profit per ton reached 1884 yuan, an increase of 16.


In terms of cost, the prices of major raw material plate have been volatile this year, far better than last year’s unilateral rise.

In addition, after the expansion and expansion of Taicang, Baotou, and Zhuhai production centers in 2018, the company’s tower capacity has been significantly increased to 55 inches.

At the same time, the company’s investment in Shandong Tancheng, with an annual output of 10 plug-in towers, is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of this year.
In terms of blades, the sales volume reached 89 units in the first half of the year, achieving revenue of 2.
5.3 billion, a substantial increase of 341 over the same period.

28%; gross profit margin reached 29.

42%, an increase of 3 per year.


At present, the company has a capacity of 300 blades and 300 molds at the Changshu plant. Recently, it has announced an agreement with the People’s Government of Shuyang County on the company’s investment in the construction of a wind turbine blade project in Shuyang County. The annual output of the project is expected to be 600 blades.

After the project is put into production (expected next year), the company will have a blade production capacity of 900 sets and 300 abrasive tools. The scale effect will bring further cost reduction.

The release of production capacity is expected to contribute a considerable increase in the blade business.

Adequate project reserves and accelerated operation: Affected by the gradual improvement of the abandoned wind power restriction rate, the decline in 上海夜网论坛 wind power equipment prices, and the advancement of wind power technology, the return on investment of wind power projects is currently very attractive. The company actively promotes the development and construction of wind farm projects.

As of now, the company’s wind power capacity has expanded to 680MW, an increase of 215MW at the beginning of 2019 (65MW in April 19, 150MW in August 19), and the project’s grid connection progress exceeded expectations.

The company currently has 199 approved projects.

4MW, the wind farm resources of which the project development agreement has been reached reach 2.

98GW, sufficient project reserves will guarantee the company’s continued high growth in power generation business.

Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s revenue growth rate to be 57% / 29% / 15% and net profit 四川耍耍网 growth rate to be 68% / 28% / 17% respectively in 2019-2021.

Maintain Buy-A investment rating and target price of 7.

97 yuan.

Risk warning: Wind power installed capacity is lower than expected, raw material prices rise, etc.

Industrial Bank (601166): Performance has been in the upward channel for 20 years or lower and higher

Industrial Bank (601166): Performance has been in the upward channel for 20 years or lower and higher

Event: On January 15, Industrial Bank released a 19-year performance report with revenue of 1813.

2 billion, a year-on-year increase of +14.

6% (+1.

47 pct); net profit attributable to mother 658.

7 billion, a year-on-year increase of +8.

66% (+2.

68 pct); ROE 14.

02% (-25BP); non-杭州桑拿网 performing rate 1.

54% (-3BP).

The revenue and profit growth speed increased rapidly.

19-year revenue YoY +14.

55%, an increase of 1 from the previous 18 years.

47 pct, but down 4 from 19Q3.

63 pct; net profit attributable to mother 8.

66%, an increase of 2.

68%, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

14 pct.

Although the growth rate of revenue decreased month-on-month, the growth rate of profit rose slightly.

In the fourth quarter, provisions may be reduced to cover profits.

The effect of operating expenses on the growth rate of profits was 23 from 19Q1.

0 pct, gradually narrowing to the previous 5.

2 pct, provisioning strength declines seasonally.

The fluctuation of revenue growth rate is mainly due to the cross-seasonal structural differences.

Revenue in 18 years increased evenly from quarter to quarter. In 19, Q1 and Q3 were shorter, and Q2 and Q4 were feasible.

Revenue in Q4 in 18 was a relatively high point and in 19 was a relatively low point, so there was a single quarter revenue growth rate of only 2 in 19Q4.

4%, dragging down the starting point.

The reason can be found in the total asset increment structure: 18H1 and 18H2 are roughly equivalent, while 19H1 is 1 of 19H2.

8 times, obviously “heavy before and after light”, so the revenue growth rate in the second half of the year will easily be inferior to the first half.

The improvement rate of NPL in 19 years was small.

Industrial Bank at the end of 19 years of bad implantation1.

54%, down 1BP and 3BP respectively from the previous month and the previous year (CITIC Bank is 7BP, 12BP, Ping An Bank is 3BP, 10BP).

In 19 years, the rate of asset impairment losses exceeded the average of stock companies, while the improvement of the non-performing ratio decreased, or it indicates that the pressure on asset quality still exists.

The 19H1 bad net generation rate is rising rapidly, and it is estimated that it will remain at a high level.

Earnings forecast and estimation: The risk is cleared up quickly, and the marginal improvement is still expected; the 2020 performance may be low before high and the staying power 夜来香体验网transmitted.

It is estimated that the net profit growth rate in 20/21 will be 11.

9%, 12.

2%, the EPS in 20-21 is 3 respectively.
98 yuan, the corresponding PB is 0.


63 times, we believe that the current reasonable value is 1 PB in 2020, covering the first time with a “recommended” rating.

Risk Warning: The classification of adverse risks is becoming stricter; the economy is stabilizing less than expected.

[How to cook cooked noodles]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to cook cooked noodles]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The method of making noodles is very simple, and the taste of noodles is different in each region. For example, people in Sichuan region prefer to eat hemp and spicy noodles, while northern regions prefer clear soup noodles.

Some people prefer to eat cooked noodles, because cooked noodles do not have the noodle-like smell of raw noodles.

In the process of making cooked noodles, what are the ways to make them delicious and delicious?

The method of fried noodles is as follows: Ingredients: noodles, chives, bean sprouts, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, scallion white, Pleurotus eryngii, oyster sauce, soy sauce, wine, salt.

Method: 1. Boil the water in the pot and boil the bottom strip. Note that the noodles can be cooked until they are cooked. Do not overcook the noodles. After chopping the noodles with chopsticks, the inside is still white.

2. After the noodles are out of the pan, use an electric fan to quickly cool them down. Pay attention to the temperature directly. Do not cool the noodles with too cold water.
3. Put noodles in a bowl, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, wine, and a little oil and mix well.

At this time, you can directly salt a little bit, so that you don’t need to season it after frying.

4. The noodles mixed with seasoning will become clearer and clearer. Some of them are still small, and will be separated when they are fried.

5, put a little oil in the pot, add shredded shiitake and carrot shreds a few times.

6. Then stir fry the chopsticks and the root of the chives.

7. Note that the whole process is to use the chopsticks to shake the noodles and shake them again. Do not use a spatula, just use chopsticks so that the noodles will not break!

It is very important to keep the medium and low heat throughout, otherwise the noodles will be easy to get rid of.

8. After the stir fry, push the noodles aside and add the bean sprouts. Cover the bean sprouts with the noodles and stir for a while. Add the leek leaves when the bean sprouts are ripe.

9. After adding the leek leaves, use the chopsticks to shake them as before, and the leek is ready to be cooked.

10, I will personally like to add some shredded white shreds, shiitake mushroom shreds and add to the fried noodles. I do n’t want to add trouble.

11. Add fried white noodles and Pleurotus eryngii for a richer taste.

[What desserts can peaches make]_How to make desserts_How to make desserts

[What desserts can peaches make]_How to make desserts_How to make desserts

In different seasons, there are different fruits to eat. Peach is a summer fruit. Peach is very popular in ordinary times. There are many ways to eat peaches. You can eat peaches directly and you can also arrange a variety of desserts.Peach can be eaten with a lot of things. Regular consumption is very good for human skin. For people who love beauty, eating peach is good for health.

What dessert can peaches do?

1. Hot and crispy peach watermelon cup: Take a small watermelon weighing 1000 grams, cut it from the middle, dig out the melon scoop, put in a watermelon cup, 250 grams of crisp peaches, wash, peel the core, cut small pieces, 250 grams of bananasPeel and slice, wash 150g of plums, and cut into sections.

Mix the peach slices, banana slices, plum slices, and watermelon scrambled slices (appropriate amount), add sugar, stir well, divide into two watermelon cups, and put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to serve.

This watermelon cup has the functions of heat-relief, heat-relief, and thirst-quenching, and can cure heat-stroke injury, irritability, thirst, and short urine.

2. Nourishing and moistening peach jam: Peel 500 grams of ripe peaches, add about 250 grams of mulberry, add 250 grams of sugar, and 500 ml of water. After boiling, fry it with a simmering fire until it becomes a paste.Add pine nuts, walnuts, and black sesame seeds, about 100 grams each, and cook for another 10 minutes.

This Baiguo Peach has the function of nourishing blood, moistening and laxative.

3. Tonic and tonic peach peel sugar: Take 2,000 grams of fresh peaches, wash and remove the cores, cut into pieces and mix with 500 grams of sugar, squeezed and hydrated, serve daily.

Suitable for physical weakness, insufficient blood and so on.

4, honey and peach juice drink: 20 grams of honey, 1 fresh peach, peel the fresh peach, remove the core and press into the juice, then add honey and a moderate amount of warm water to serve, 1?
100 ml twice, can treat acute gastritis.

Efficacy and nutritional value of peaches: peach flavour, sweetness, warmth, stomach, large intestine.

It has the effects of nourishing yin, regenerating Jin, moistening and promoting blood circulation.

Indications summer thirst, constipation, dysmenorrhea, fatigue, asthma, kidney qi, nocturnal emission, spontaneous sweating, night sweats and other symptoms.

Peach is rich in various vitamins, minerals, and fruit acids. It has a lot of fiber and pectin, which can relieve constipation.

Its iron content is the highest among fruits, 4-6 times that of apples and pears, and it is an ideal supplementary food for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Energy is 117 per 100 grams of edible portion of peach.


7 kJ, about 0 protein.

8 grams.

Aunt 0.

1 g.

Various sugars 10.

7 grams, 8 mg calcium, 20 mg phosphorus, 10 mg iron, and 60 micrograms of provitamin A (carotene).

Vitamin B130 micrograms, vitamin B220 micrograms, vitamin C6 mg, and niacin 0.

7 mg, plus multivitamins, malic acid and citric acid.

The main ingredient of peach is sucrose, while the content of vitamins and minerals has been reduced, but there are many pectins that belong to the fiber component, which has the function of intestinal regulation.

The use of peaches as Chinese medicine is due to the glycosides contained in the buds, which are effective for diuresis or constipation.

The peaches of Ye Jun are said to be used for bathing and removing seeds.

[Yam fried pork]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Yam fried pork]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Yam fried lean meat is a relatively common home cooking. We know that yam is a vegetable with high nutritional value and it has a good health effect on the health of the body. Frying yam and lean meat together is good for human healthIt is very beneficial and the method is very simple. You can prepare yam lean meat and other ingredients, such as pepper fungus, etc., which not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional value.

Ingredients of yam fried lean meat Ingredients: yam, meat, fungus, pepper seasoning: vegetable oil, salt, chicken essence, cooking method1.

Dried fungus soaked in hot water 2.

Cut the meat into pieces for use, chili flakes 3.

Slice the yam and put it in the pot with hot water, so that it will not be very sticky4.

Put oil in the pan and heat it up. Put the sliced meat and stir fry.

Add chili fungus and stir-fry, add salt 6.

Add yam, because it’s over water, it’s cooked well, put some water and chicken essence, and we can eat yam 1 like this.

Yam is eaten with duck meat. Because duck meat is delicious, it is liked by many people.

If you eat soup with yam, it will be more conducive to your health and help our spleen and stomach.

In addition, yam is rich in nutrients useful to the human body, and duck meat can help us cough and reduce phlegm.


The yam and yam eat together with yam, which can maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels of the human body, and has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach. At this time, if it can be eaten with red dates, it can play its role and be very beneficial to human health.


Yam and mutton are eaten together. Yam and mutton are mild-tempered foods. If yam is used to stew mutton, then for the human body, it can not only promote our digestion and absorption, but also protect our spleen and stomach.

Yam and pork eat yam together, which has the effect of nourishing qi, nourishing the stomach, and strengthening the spleen. Pork also has the effects of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the muscles and strengthening the bones.