Find the body’s sewage outlet and press it to remove the body’s wet poison!

Find the body’s “sewage outlet” and press it to remove the body’s wet poison!

The body’s metabolism, easy to accumulate wet poison, so the key to health is to find the body’s “sewage outlet”, the wet poison is discharged.

In fact, these sewage outlets are very easy to find, they are all “women” in the joints.

The pole spring hole 01 is under the arm, commonly known as the “skeleton limb”, and the depression between the upper arm and the chest arm.

For those with upper blood vessels and nerve pathways.

It is the collection of arm socket arteries, veins, arm bundles, and arm lymph nodes.

Acupoint selection method: elbow, palm press on the back pillow, and acupuncture points in the middle of the arm socket.

Role: wide chest and qi, through the active.

Indications: heartache, chest tightness, no limbs, shoulder inflammation, arm squat (neck lymphatic tuberculosis), arm stench, grief, dry throat, polydipsia, retching, yellow eyes, arms and shoulders, elbowArm fracture pain, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, pericarditis, sequelae of cerebrovascular disease, intercostal neuralgia, rickets, insufficient milk secretion.

The plucking of this hole can prevent coronary heart disease and pulmonary heart disease.

Moxibustion: Ai moxibustion or warm acupuncture 3?
5 strong, moxibustion moxibustion 5?
10 minutes.

The polar spring point of the armpit is an important acupoint of the heart. It can go to the heart’s smoldering toxin. It should be often pressed to clear the well.

How to beat: Raise the left hand, palm up, use the palm of your right hand to pat the left arm; then lift your right hand and use your left hand to pat the right arm, each time tapping 30?
50 times, repeated 5 times.

Function: tapping the armpit has the effect of wide chest and nerves, clearing heat and relieving heat.

Elbow fossa 02 cubit nest positioning: in front of the elbow joint.

It is concave in a triangle.

The shallow part of the elbow fossa has a fractured biceps diaphragm.

Deep is filled with loose knots and connective tissue.

And there are blood vessels and nerve trunks.

When you have sore throat, phlegm and blood stasis, cough, hemoptysis, upset heart, mouth ulcers, insomnia and other dreams, you can pat 5 in the elbow position?
10 minutes.

Method: Take a sitting position or a supine position.

Use the other hand to focus on each other and beat each other 100-200 times.

If the family is helping to tap, you can do it in both directions.

There will be toxin reactants of different colors such as cyan, red, purple and black.

Every once every two weeks, it can protect the smoothness of this sewage well and discharge cardiopulmonary toxins.

Role: pat the elbow fossa has the effect of qi and activating blood, dispersing silt and poisoning.

If used to prevent heat stroke, you must take more shots until you take a purple print.

The knee socket (Venezuela hole) 03 knee socket, also known as the armpit, is located at the back of the knee joint. At the center point of the nest, it is more obvious when the knee is bent, and the star is diamond-shaped.

The armpit is full of sputum, with important blood vessels and nerves passing through.

There is an important acupoint here called the Central Point, which is the bladder.

The bladder is the largest detoxification and dehumidification channel in the human body, and the hole in the center is the sewage outlet on this channel. If it is not smooth, the moisture can not be discharged, which may lead to arthritis.

So usually you can beat here 5?
10 minutes to the spotted spot, once every two weeks.

Method: Take a sitting position or a prone position, or ask your family to use both hands to slap the force and continuously pat the pair of armpits.

Role: often beat the armpits to have qi and activating blood, scattered silt and phlegm, Shujin Tongluo, relieve the effect of obstruction.
1, for general health care can be repeated 100-200 times.

2, used to prevent heat stroke, must take more shots.
Until the purple print is taken.

3, suitable for relieving pain in the armpits and eliminating fatigue and fatigue.
You can beat it several times, so that you can bear it.

The lumbosacral fossa 04 lumbosacral fossa is the “wolf” formed by the lumbosacral portion of the human body. Obese and pregnant women are more obvious.

The lumbosacral fossa is the place where the human body is the most “bearing and burdensome”.
Also the most vulnerable.


Usually take more shots, which is expected to benefit.

Method: Take the elbow sitting position.

The upper body leaned forward slightly, and the left and right hands were in the palm of their hands.

The lumps are beaten continuously in portrait or horizontal direction.

Repeat 3-5 times.

Especially the humerus and humerus, the force can be slightly heavier.

When operating, the beat should have a rhythm, and the force should be light and heavy.

Role: This method has the effect of regulating blood, promoting circulation, loosening muscles, clearing heat and eliminating heat, and eliminating fatigue.

The power of the operator to beat should be light and heavy, and then heavy and light.

It can be terminated several times in succession.

In addition, before using the virtual palm to beat the body surface, pay attention to the shoulders and elbows, the wrists are relaxed, the metacarpophalangeal joints are slightly bent into the palms, and the five fingers are close together.

It should be smooth and rhythmic when tapping. It should be lifted quickly after tapping, and the parts to be beaten should be accurate and consistent.

Pregnant women and menstruating women should use this method with caution.

Precautions Umbilical cord 05 method: take the sitting position or supine position.
Use your left and right hands to focus on your strength.
Former arm strength.

Continuously beat the navel nest 100-200 times.

During operation, the wrist joint is fixed or slightly moved, centering on the flexion and extension of the wrist joint.

The operator can perform deep inhalation after abdominal abdomen, and the force of tapping is light and heavy, and the healthy person appropriately increases the number of taps and strength.

Role: often beat the navel fossa to calm the nerves, reconcile the blood, Shugan Lidan, Yifei Gushen, Tongli Sanjiao, regulate the effect of meridians.

Yinling Spring 06 Yinling Spring is the joint point of the spleen, which is located in the lower leg of the human body and the fracture of the lower jaw.

Positioning: It is below the radial direction, inserting the bone of the calf to the upper jaw, and the depression when turning inward is the Yinling Spring.

Role: clear and warm, spleen and qi, Yishen Tiaojing, through the active.

The spleen from the toes can go deep into the spleen through the gas, and it can spleen and dehumidify.

Method: Use your finger to press here every day. The time is not limited. Normally, you can, but you have to guarantee a total of more than 10 minutes a day.

If you have spleen in your body, it will hurt if you press here, but if you insist on pressing it, you will find that the pain is gradually reduced, indicating that your spleen is getting better.

The hole is a dampening point, and the body’s moisture is easy to breed bacteria, cause edema, and various inflammations, including dermatitis, rash and so on.

In addition, the spleen is the source of oysters, it is tube moisture, if the moisture is more than transported, it will become sipping.

Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of oysters fundamentally to strengthen the spleen, and it is better to stick to the Yinling Springs every day.

Zusanli 07 Zusanli is one of the main acupoints of “Shouyangming Stomach Meridian”. It is a strong physiology of large points. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that massage Zusanli can regulate the body immunity, enhance disease resistance, regulate spleen and stomach, and supplement Zhongyiyi.Qi, through the active, to wind and damp, to help the role of evil.

Acupoint location: Zusanli is located under the outer knee and four horizontal fingers, the upper bone edge.
Function: Stomatology, dry spleen and dampness.

Zusanli is the first point to cure the spleen and stomach. Of course, dehumidification is also indispensable.

The best way to stimulate is moxibustion.

Use moxibustion moxibustion before going to bed every day to help the Yinling Springs get wet.

Method of operation: Normally, according to the 揉 陵 陵 泉, it is guaranteed for 10 minutes a day.

Before going to bed at night, use moxibustion moxibustion for three to five minutes, preferably 1-2 minutes before the moxibustion.

Indications: gastritis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastroptosis, gastric ulcer rupture, indigestion, hepatitis; neurasthenia, epilepsy, insomnia, headache, anemia, hemiplegia, hypertension, hypotension, arteriosclerosis; coronary heart disease; diabetes, enuresisSymptoms; impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, irregular menstruation, menorrhagia; colds; knee arthritis, lower extremity arthritis and other diseases.

Chengshan Point 08 Human Chengshan Point is located in the middle of the back of the calf. Between the Central and Kunlun points, when the straight leg or heel is lifted, there is a sharp corner depression under the ventral muscle.

The main diseases of this point are: (1) calf cramps (gastrocnemius tendon fractures), tired feet, fatigue, low back pain, low back pain.
(2) constipation, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, etc.

This point is one of the important acupuncture points on the human bladder and the bladder. It is a common point for the treatment of calf fractures and leg flexion.

Acupoint compatibility of human body: with large intestines and acupoints to treat dysentery.

Chengshan Point is the most effective acupoint to remove the body’s moisture, and its effect is similar to that of red bean glutinous rice porridge.

Because the Chengshan point is in the bladder of the foot, the bladder passes through the yang of the main body, so it can stimulate the yang of the bladder to excrete the body moisture.

Most people, as long as you gently press his Chengshan point, there will be obvious soreness and pain, which is because the body is wet; and after the replacement of the mountain, we will feel the limbs slightly warm, thisIt is the yang of the bladder that is working, and the wet evil on the body is prolonging and diverging toward the rising yang.

Therefore, people with damp heat must pay attention to remember this health care hole and use it reasonably in life.

Fenglong Point 09 Fenglong Point, located 8 inches above the outer recombination point, 1 inch outside the mouth of the mouth, 2 points outside the front of the bone.

Earthworm is a pathological product produced by water-liquid metabolism disorders and is one of the factors causing disease.

The production of sputum is mainly related to the lungs, spleen and kidneys, and the primary responsibility is to the spleen. Therefore, the spleen is the source of oysters, and the spleen has no residue and no sputum.

Because Fenglong point is the complex point of the foot Yangming stomach, do not go to the foot of the Taiyin spleen, it can cure the spleen and stomach.

Acupuncture at Fenglong Point can adjust the spleen and stomach qi, so that the gas can be transported, the middle earth can be transported, and the wet sputum can be self-made.

And all the diseases are caused by phlegm, so any complications related to sputum can be treated with Fenglong point.

With the foot Sanli massage Fenglong point can phlegm and phlegm, Fenglong, elephant sound, thunder and thunder.

Long-term adherence to massage can discharge the turbid wetness on the spleen and stomach like thunder and rain.

Find the two points of the knee and the outer implant from the outside of the leg, connect them into a line, and then take the midpoint of the line.

Next, find the fracture bone on your leg. It is about the length of your two fingers. It is flush with the midpoint of the previous one. It is pressed in the vicinity. The place where you feel the most sore or painful is Fenglong Point, which stays for 3 minutes every day.about.
The dampness of the dampness and Fenglong point Chinese medicine is the accumulation of metabolic waste in the body.

Often eat spicy and sweet, “fat and greasy”, will trap the spleen and stomach, wet can not row.

“Danxi Heart Law”: The spleen and stomach are wet, the sleep is weak, and you are used to sleeping.

The weight is like wet clothes that are not wrung out, no spirit.

Characteristics of phlegm-dampness: bias, large amount of food, easy to get tired.

The complexion is white, the tongue is greasy, does not like to drink water, and the stool does not form.

Causes: First of all, the spleen and stomach are weak, there is a relationship between the kidney and the liver, and eating habits.

Health methods: residence should not be cold and cold, rainy days to avoid wet evil; more exercise, sun; less food and fat and drink and drink, every meal should not be full.

Acupressure: Massage Fenglong can be wet and phlegm, lose weight and Fenglong point. Place the left (right) lower limb on the contralateral knee joint, and place the right (left) fingertip on the Fenglong point.On the opposite side, force 掐0.

5 minutes – 1 minute.

Efficacy: digestion, stagnation, cellulite.

Do it every morning and evening, and keep it.

At the same time, do abdomen?
Anal exercise 20-30 times.
Appropriate participation in physical exercise, diet should be moderate, eat less fatty fried food.

揉揉 Fenglong point, eliminate stomach dilatation and continue to feel bloating, long sputum, poor appetite, under normal circumstances do not eat breakfast, especially after the meal always feel stomach upset.

With 揉, 搓丰隆穴 can eliminate the feeling of bloating, and there is a little appetite for breakfast.

Method: Use the thumb to press the Fenglong point for three minutes, then turn it clockwise to the Fenglong point for ten minutes, then use the thumb to go down the Fenglong point in one direction (that is, only from the Fenglong point.It can’t be back and forth by the Fenglong hole and then from bottom to top. It can be ten minutes.

Cause: bloating, snoring, poor appetite is actually caused by stomach dysfunction and low digestive power.

The Fenglong point has a good function in treating chronic gastro-intestinal diseases and regulating the stomach.

Counting happiness

Counting happiness

A friend is a healthy and happy person, has a good habit of living, does not smoke, does not drink, and runs early every morning.

  When friends chat and chat, everyone repeats, no longer the price is getting higher and higher, go to the supermarket to see, everything has doubled, carrying the purse around the waist, dare not easily shot; more and more cars on the streetWherever you go, traffic jams, parking is harder than buying a car. It’s like you can’t find a toilet when you are in a hurry. False ads are getting more and more crazy, and you’re pervasive. If you don’t take a step, you have to look around and worry about falling into this trap.The trap, the,,,,, and living in the age of materialism, who can not bother?

Everyone is transitioning with a slap in the face, only this friend smiles lightly.

I used to admire his calm and bleak mentality, and to maintain a pure and calm heart in the materialistic society, rather than an easy task.

  I suddenly heard that my friend was hospitalized and I went to the hospital to visit him.

His emotions in the illness are not very stable. I opened the door with me: repeating the unit, the person who is not as good as him is promoted faster than him, the house and the car are changing fast; rejecting the daughter is not sensible, saying that he wants to give up the senior high school entrance examination and go to the music test.Affiliated, in the future, like Lang Lang, the world touring; repeating the wife is keen on beauty care, shopping for clothes, three days for a haircut, the perfume brand is back, like the flow of the last two days, actually saw a guy in a suit and a bicycle to send him backHome, have been a husband and wife for half a lifetime, do you still have to compete for employment?

Fighting against my parents’ hard work for a lifetime, retiring and not enjoying the old age at home, I am fascinated by dangerous games such as travel adventure and drifting, so that his heart hangs in the eyes of the blind, and, and, friends say so much.
  I laugh, you are content, you are so happy, there is nothing to complain about.

He turned to look at me in disbelief: Where did this start?

  I said, you can think about it in reverse. Your colleague, who was promoted, changed the big room for a few days, changed the old car to a new one, step by step, maybe he went to the prison next time, people want toIt’s not easy to hold yourself, what is your envy?

Your baby girl has to learn music, which means she has her own thoughts. Maybe this kind of thinking is very naive, but you can slowly guide the dredge and don’t impose your intentions on her.

And your wife, do you want the person around you to be a yellow-faced woman or a beautiful and charming landscape?

You don’t have to worry about your parents. They are passionate about traveling, indicating that they are healthy and active.

  The friend is speechless.

  Many times, we are always in a sustainable development, refused to promote too slow, can not make up for too little wages, repeat the unfairness of the boss, repeat the wife is too old, refuse the child is not obedient, do not want the old man too dogmatic.

  In fact, many times, we can think about it in reverse: the house is small, but it is its own, not renting a house; the salary is too small, but it is not going to go hungry; there are parents, children can be happy; there are loversIn the rose, there will be a fragrance; if there are children, you can enjoy the happiness of the family.

Family health, happy friends, a little deposit in the bank, travel by car – just like the movie “Nothing to steal”: As long as you live, you can meet a lot of happiness.

  Life is made up of these little things.

Happiness in the hand does not know how to cherish, often eager for those who can not be asked, and is surrounded by desire, how can such a person be happy?

  When you are troubled, often take a look at the happiness in your hand, you will find that there are many happiness, very close to us, at your fingertips.

For happiness, we must have a heart that is good at perception and slowly experience it.

Be alert to serious illnesses in summer.

Be alert to serious illnesses in summer.

High temperature and heat, prone to bacterial food poisoning and bacterial dysentery.

The main infections of bacillary dysentery are preschool children, primary school students and adults, with vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea as the main symptoms.

If there are suspicious symptoms, they should be treated promptly.

  Prevention points: Do not drink raw water, do not eat unclean food, wash your hands before and after meals.

  Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink eye) is an infectious disease caused by a virus.

The incubation period of the disease is from several hours to five days, usually from 1 day to 2 days.

Clinical manifestations of conjunctival edema, congestion, patchy conjunctival hyperemia, with eye foreign body sensation, tears, eye pain and other symptoms.

The course of disease is 2 days to 7 days.

It mainly spreads through contact, such as sharing towels, handkerchiefs, bath towels, etc., and can even re-use water (such as swimming pool water) to cause outbreaks; the popular season is mainly in summer and autumn, and the high season is from August to September.

  Prevention points: pay attention to personal hygiene, do not share towels, bath towels, handkerchiefs, etc.; during the epidemic, hairdressing, bathroom, swimming pool and other industries should be strengthened management and disinfection; once similar symptoms are found, they should be treated promptly and the family should be disinfected.

  The flu is a respiratory infection caused by an influenza virus. It is clinically characterized by high fever, headache, sore limbs, fatigue and upper respiratory tract symptoms.

There is a temporary peak in August to September.

  Prevention points: Pay attention to indoor ventilation; use indoor air conditioning temperature should be kept at 25 ° C to 27 ° C, relative humidity is maintained at 50% to 60%, life is regular, sleep is sufficient.

Once you have symptoms similar to influenza, you should see a doctor in time.

  In addition, travel abroad must prevent dengue fever.

Dengue fever is an insect-borne disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

Clinically, the main manifestations are chills, fever, body temperature between 39 seconds and 40 seconds, accompanied by headache, eyelid pain, joint pain and bone pain, flushing of the face, neck, and cheekbones, skin rash, etc., a small number of patients mayConcurrent dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.

The popular season is summer and autumn.

  Prevention points: mainly to prevent mosquito bites.

During the summer vacation, tourists visiting countries such as Southeast Asia and dengue-affected areas should do a good job in anti-mosquito work. If there is similar dengue fever symptoms during or after returning to Xiamen, they should be treated promptly.

  Experts from the Centers for Disease Control also reminded that in addition to paying attention to the prevention of the above-mentioned diseases, the season when fruits are listed in large quantities should pay attention to washing hands frequently, eating cooked food, drinking boiled water, and preventing infectious diseases.

People with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other chronic cardiovascular diseases should pay attention to the rhythm of life and prevent the disease from recurring; many staff members should do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Bitter melon can also easily eat a good body

Bitter melon can also easily eat a good body

For weight loss, many people have already summarized a lot of ways to lose weight.

Bitter melon weight loss is a popular one, and its expected supplemental fiber can speed up the body’s metabolism and achieve the purpose of weight loss.

The following small series will teach you how to use bitter gourd to lose weight: the principle of bitter gourd diet: 1, targeting fiber: can delay the absorption of lipids.

  2, contains a relatively high vitamin C: can accelerate the metabolism of lipids.

  3, containing a small amount of organic acids: promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus; protect vitamin C from decomposition; promote the absorption of protein and lipids.

  Classic bitter gourd diet one, raw bitter gourd diet 1, bitter gourd must be eaten raw.

  2, can not soak water, soaking too much effective material loss in bitter gourd.

  3, no less than 2 bitter melons and no more than 4 bitter melons a day.

  4, do not add seasonings, spicy and greasy substances in the seasoning will reduce the speed of weight loss.

  5, it is recommended to eat half an hour before the meal.

  6, seed, but do not peel.

  7, black bitter gourd is not effective with green bitter gourd, and it is very expensive, there is no need to buy, although it is not bitter.

Do not eat bitter melon.

  Second, drink the bitter gourd juice and squeeze the bitter gourd into juice. If it is unbearable, put a kiwi or tomato and squeeze it into a juice with bitter gourd, but don’t add any sweet fruit, because the sugar will lower the bitter gourd.The stability of the weight-loss protein, in addition, the bitter gourd residue left after the bitter gourd juice is also eaten.

  The fiber is divided into soluble and insoluble. The fiber in the bitter melon residue is mostly insoluble. The fiber can promote the peristalsis and decomposition and transform the internal impurities. If your stomach is not very healthy, you can only eat up to 2 at a time for lunch.Drink a bit of bitter gourd juice before dinner. If your stomach is healthy, you can eat 4 but not more than 4 a day.

  Usually bitter gourd juice requires 4 bitter gourds. You can have a drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then drink it 3 hours before going to bed every night. You can sleep without drinking, 4 cups a day.

The most obvious reaction of bitter gourd after being absorbed by the body is thirst. If you don’t want to drink water in the middle of the night, don’t drink before going to bed.

  Notes on bitter gourd diet: 1. It is normal to feel thirsty after eating bitter gourd. Many people are very surprised. Why do you eat bitter melon to thirst, but the bitter melon that eats the more you eat and thirst?

  In fact, in addition to the bitter taste of raw bitter melons, I believe that every weight loss eyebrow knows a truth, water is an important carrier for breaking down adults.

So, when you feel thirsty, it is your body telling you that your aunt needs water to break down.

If you say this, are you excited about thirst?

  2, bitter gourd is a cold thing, do not eat more, in addition, during the consumption of bitter gourd, do not drink tea, what black tea green tea to lose weight all the way to stop drinking water.

Although tea polyphenols are good things, theophylline can hurt your stomach that was tired of eating bitter gourd.

  3, under normal circumstances, bitter gourd and other natural foods to lose weight, the first is to exclude edema, remove the internal aunt, although these things have been removed, many people can not see the surface effect for a while, please do not give up, insist on replacing the wheelIt’s smashed under your skin.

  4, the speed of bitter gourd to lose weight will not be very blocky, because the consumption of bitter gourd and reduced the intake of three meals, coupled with the weight loss effect of bitter gourd itself, is the correct reason to speed up the weight loss, but do not use bitter melon as psychological comfort,I thought that eating bitter gourd and eating it is all right, then you will only get fatter.

Eating bitter gourd does not require dieting, but at least you should reduce the spicy and greasy intake.

  5, defecation will be more and more smooth, if there is severe diarrhea, your stomach can not stand, please reduce the consumption of bitter gourd or stop eating.

  6, the last point is to insist.

Practice and save money and meridian massage to create a perfect electric buttocks

Practice and save money and meridian massage to create a perfect electric buttocks

Body and money to save money and meridian massage to create a perfect electric buttock according to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, the “meridian” of the acupuncture points, the internal organs, the external limbs, any of the meridians, will affect the operation of the organs, and vice versa.The worms or low function of the internal organs will also lead to meridian complexation.

How to create a beautifying hip line by means of meridian massage?

Basically, it is mainly to massage the “Bagua” acupoints of the bladder and the “ring jump” points of the gallbladder.

The Eight Diagrams Acupoint is located on the “Recommended Point” bone hole above the tailbone below the lumbar vertebrae. As the name suggests, there is a coaxial acupuncture point.

The ring jump points are one on each side, each in the middle of the connected top end, which are particularly effective for large, flat front ends.

Since the acupuncture points are located at the top of the human body, another person is needed to assist with the acupressure massage. When the massage is performed, the finger pressure is slowly pressed down. After stopping for three seconds, the force is relaxed. Each acupoint is repeated eight times, especially when the acupressure is necessary.Achieving the feeling of acid, hemp, rising, pain, and heat will achieve the effect.

Therefore, to improve the problem of headache drooping, it is very important that a point is “supporting”.

There is one on each side of the acupuncture point, which is located at the center of the horizontal stripes at the bottom of the two hip and hip lines.

Massage support not only has the effect of dredging and activating, but also stimulates the contraction of the gluteus maximus. After five minutes of finger pressure by the expert, there will be a slight feeling of raising the buttocks.To split the force into two segments, first press the hole point vertically, then push the force upwards to fully achieve the effect.

This acupoint can also treat acne, sciatica, constipation and other diseases.

In addition, you can also use a sport that is easy to practice and save money to make your hip line more attractive, that is, “walking on tiptoe.”

Taking the toe-to-tip walking method of relaxing the toes can stimulate the Yongquan point at the sole of the foot, which can be done when watching TV at home on weekdays.

This acupoint is related to the secretion of kidney function and female hormones. It is quite helpful for the complete development of secondary sex. It can start from two to three minutes when you practice. If you are used to it, you can do it for fifteen minutes each time.

In order to solve the problem of sagging the front end, it is also effective to change the extension of the tiptoe movement: initially, the body is straight and the feet are close together.

Then, while inhaling and rubbing the toes, the willpower is concentrated on the big toe and the second toe, and the heel is lifted to the distance of about one and a half fists from the ground, and the anus is tightened.

Finally, exhale, slowly lower the heel, and the anus relaxes.

Repeat the process of repeating the lame to lower the heel eight times.

Drink tea, drink tea, taste tea

Drink tea, drink tea, taste tea

When you enter the world of fragrant tea, you will often hear the terms such as tea, tea and tea. Have you ever wondered what is the difference?

  Tea drinking includes tea and tea, and tea has tea and tea.

  The purpose of drinking tea is to quench your thirst, in order to meet the physiological needs of people, to supplement the body’s lack of water.

Especially in the high blood pressure exercise, after the loss of physical strength, the mouthful of the rapid drink quickly swallowed until the thirst.

There is not much demand for tea quality, tea set configuration, tea selection, and environmental exposure to the environment, as long as the tea hygiene standards can be met.

  The purpose of tea is not to understand thirst, but to focus on the spirit. Drinking tea is called an art appreciation and enjoyment of life.

Tea should be done in the word ‘good’, carefully understand, and taste.

Tea should be of high quality, tea set should be exquisite, tea should be beautiful, and tea should pay attention to the elegance and tranquility of the surrounding environment.

I often invite two or three confidants to sit around the table and drink tea in a leisurely mood.

Through the tea, look at the color, smell, taste, and get a sense of beauty, to achieve spiritual sublimation.

Its main purpose is in the artistic conception. It is not the amount of tea to drink, and it is stopped at random. The ‘thirst quenching thirst’ has become insignificant in tea.

  Tea contains the vitality of nature, and its cultural connotation combines literature, music, art, etc., and becomes a ring of Chinese culture.

The “Asian St.” of the tea, Lu Tong, used to make seven bowls of tea poems, which vividly and chicly described the benefits and realms of tea, and is an immortal handed down work.

  A bowl of throat kiss, two bowls of broken solitary, three bowls of search for the intestines, only the words 5,000 volumes, four bowls of sweat, all the ordinary things, all the pores scattered, five bowls of musculoskeletal, six bowls of fairySpirit, seven bowls can not eat, only the two arms to learn the breeze!

How many weight loss mistakes affect your life?

How many weight loss mistakes affect your life?

You often hear that “I will gain weight when eating at two hours before going to bed at night”?

How many weight loss mistakes are affecting your daily life?

This article will sweep your doubts and help you unveil the veil of weight loss and help shape good body and physical quality.

  1. Will you gain weight when you eat in two hours before going to bed at night?

  In fact, the time to eat is not the key.

What really affects weight is the amount of conversion of food intake and whether or not to exercise regular physical exercise. These are the key to determining whether weight is reduced, increased or maintained.

  2, eat more “negative calorie food” to help lose weight?

  There is actually no “negative calorie food” at all.

The calories burned by the body and the calories burned by the food itself are simply not worth mentioning.

  3. Doesn’t the calorie in the drink need to be considered too much?

  If you really want to speed up the weight loss, then quit your favorite cola and juice and other drinks, and drink boiled water.

  4. Does the cold weather help to lose weight?

  In order to maintain body temperature, the body’s metabolic system will accelerate in the winter, and then consume more calories.

But please don’t eat more snacks because you are at home, otherwise the cold weather will become the best weapon for fattening.

  5, the weight loss process in the process of weight loss, and ultimately will seriously damage the metabolic system?

  If you have failed weight loss many times and have experienced the pain of losing weight and rebounding many times, please don’t give up.

Dieting and losing weight will not damage your metabolic system, but it will not help you lose weight.

  6, dieting does help to lose weight?

  Maybe dieting seems to be effective, but if you can’t stick to it or change your diet in a short time, it’s likely to cause a rebound and even a very serious illness.

So if the dieting method does not fit your past eating habits completely, then it will be completely defeated.

In addition, there is a more practical way – perhaps you can find a weight loss recipe that you can persevere.

  7, fat children need to diet to lose weight?

  If your child is only over 5 or 6 kg, there is no need to implement a strict diet and weight loss program.

Parents should try to adjust their expected structure, eat more fruits and vegetables and whole-grain foods, and try to keep children from eating junk food.

In addition, multiple sports are also necessary.

  Losing weight is not difficult, but mastering the right method is very important.

Avoid the influence of some wrong ideas, and develop a good habit of science is the true meaning of healthy weight loss.

Motion sickness was relieved by 3 acupuncture points

Motion sickness was relieved by 3 acupuncture points

The Hegu point is located behind the hand of the human body, and the midpoint of the second metacarpal bone is equivalent to the midpoint of the connection between the end of the first metacarpal and the base of the second metacarpal, which is the “tiger mouth” often spoken by ordinary people. The rest of the points can be directlyIt acts on asthma and has a very good effect in relieving dizziness and nausea and vomiting.


Neiguan point refers to the place where the palm is placed about 2 inches in the middle of the horizontal line of the wrist. This point is connected to the “heart” and has the function of regulating the central nervous system. Pressing the Neiguan point is the most common method for treating motion sickness.


The Hegu point is located behind the hand of the human body, and the midpoint of the second metacarpal bone is equivalent to the midpoint of the connection between the end of the first metacarpal and the base of the second metacarpal, which is the “tiger mouth” often spoken by ordinary people. The rest of the points can be directlyIt acts on asthma and has a very good effect in relieving dizziness and nausea and vomiting.


Zusanli refers to the intersection of the three inches below the outer knee and one inch outside the anterior tibia.

Should I stop the above acupuncture points 1 according to the individual’s tolerance?
5 minutes, you can stop when you feel a sense of soreness.

  Dr. Lu reminded that friends with a history of motion sickness should take a good rest before the ride to ensure full vitality, and therefore, adjust the diet.

Exercise weight loss for a long time but no effect, do you know these misunderstandings?

Exercise weight loss for a long time but no effect, do you know these misunderstandings?

It is said that exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight.

Some people lose weight when they exercise a little. Some people obviously insist on exercising very hard. Every day, they sweat and lose weight but they don’t fall. Why?

Exercise weight loss has no effect. Because these 1 intensity is too large, the amount of exercise is too large, and the exercise time is too long. It seems that you are working hard, but it may help you.

Especially girls who are eager to lose weight.

At the beginning of the fitness program, too much intensity may make the body unable to eat, and the body can not self-regulate well, which will increase the risk of injury.

“I don’t feel comfortable when I don’t go to the gym one day.” This is very inspirational, but fitness without rest is unscientific.

Arrange at least one day off every week, do not do any exercise, and fully enjoy sleep.

2 Exercise procrastination Even if you overcome laziness into the gym, there will be problems with procrastination, and the endless warm-up is a typical procrastination.

Use precious time to warm up, drink water, eat, adjust clothing, stretch and relax these “peripheral affairs”, real aerobic exercise or counter-sports time is actually not much, it seems that the gym has soaked twoHours, in fact, the effect is to be folded in half.

The underlying reason for the delay in exercise may be that your fitness program is not suitable for you.

At this point you need to find a professional to help you adjust the plan.

And the phone, just lock it into the locker.

3 When too few people are resting, the secretion of “slim voxel” will increase, and when it is insufficiently secreted, the body will send out a “need to accumulate” signal, which will affect your fat loss effect.

Moreover, lack of sleep itself has a lot of damage to health, body function is unbalanced, and listlessness is naturally difficult to have effect.

Even some people will go to the gym when they are sick. It feels like just sweating and sweating. This can only aggravate the condition.

As long as you exercise quality and quantity every time, you don’t have to do it every day, and you should have at least one day off a week.

In addition, the evening sports must grasp the time. If there is time after 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening, then the best exercise is to relax and go home to sleep.

4 eat too harsh and do not eat, where is the strength to lose weight?

This sentence is really not a joke, eating too little or eating unevenly, will directly affect your exercise effect.

Low plasma intake directly affects the body’s energy supply. For three consecutive days of hypoglycemic diet, it will obviously feel a decline in physical strength.

It is even less cost-effective to eat meat without meat. Insufficient protein will reduce basal metabolism and make you become fat.

Balance is the first principle of diet, to eat quality ingredients.

Most of the grains are infused from coarse grains. The protein is selected from beef, chicken, fish and shrimp. A few sources can be olive oil and nuts that cause unsaturated fatty acids. Fruits and vegetables should be kept fresh.

5 weight loss methods do not change the same way to lose weight on the road to hear the most is why why run 5 kilometers a day, but still can not lose weight, why?

People are making changes all the time. You can lose weight after running for 5 kilometers today, but after one month, the body has adapted to run 5 kilometers every day. At this time, you continue to run unchanging, then it will play a role for the body.nothing.

Because the body has adapted from the initial discomfort to it, the endurance will get better and better, and it will become easier and easier to run.

The right aerobic exercise to lose weight 1 moderate exercise large exercise fitness may slowly hurt your body, some, running over 15 miles per week is a bit overdose.

It is recommended to exercise 4 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

As long as the right amount of exercise, you can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2 sprinting fitness sprint (12 minutes per mile) is another good way to exercise, it is not worse than jogging, but also eliminates the knee injury.

3 See the stitches do not have to exercise in the gym for 30 minutes, the scattered time can be fully utilized.

Walk the dog for 10 minutes every day, wash the car for 10 minutes, and do housework for 10 minutes.

The same effect.

4 Alternate exercise This kind of cycling today, jogging tomorrow; or running fast and slow, enhance the exercise of the heart.

5 multi-pronged fitness is a systematic project, physical exercise is very necessary for physical health, but not omnipotent.

Usually pay attention to diet, stop smoking to control drinking, the spirit should not be too nervous.

Celery health care 6 eating method

Celery health care 6 eating method

Celery has certain pharmacological and therapeutic value.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.

Because their roots, stems, leaves and seeds can be used as medicinal, they are called “drugs in the kitchen” and “medicine celery”.

Because celery has a high calcium and phosphorus content, it has a certain sedative and protective effect on blood vessels, and can strengthen bones and prevent pediatric myelopathy.

Eating celery, especially eating celery leaves, is very beneficial for preventing hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect.

Celery can be fried, can be mixed; can be simmered, can be simmered; even a small amount of drinks.

  Here are a few different ways to use celery care: 1.

Celery fried dried silk: celery 25O grams, 300 grams of dried beans, scallion, ginger, the right amount.

Wash the celery and cut it to the roots, cut into sections; cut the dried beans, cut the onions, and sauté the ginger; stir fry on the wok, pour in the peanut oil, heat until the heat is 70%, and add the salt to the ginger and onion.Pour in the dried beans and fry for 5 minutes. Add the celery and stir fry until the pan.

This dish is delicious and delicious. It has the effect of reducing blood pressure and calming the liver. It is suitable for complications such as high blood pressure and dry stool.


Celery mixed with walnuts: 250 grams of celery, 50 grams of walnuts.

Cut the celery into thin filaments, put it into a boiling water pot, remove it and put it into the dish. Put the washed walnut kernels and some refined salt. Mix the sesame oil and mix well. It has the functions of moistening the lungs, clearing the heat and setting the asthma.


Celery previous rice porridge: 40 grams of celery, 50 grams of previous rice, 5 grams of scallion.

Pour the peanut oil into the pot, heat the onion, add rice, water, salt, boiled porridge, then add celery and cook a little.

This dish has the effect of clearing away heat and water, and can be used as an auxiliary diet for patients with hypertension and edema.


Celery red dates: 200-400 grams of celery, 50-100 grams of red dates, soup taken in divided doses.

In addition to treating high blood pressure, it can also treat acute jaundice hepatitis and cystitis.


Celery broth: 150 grams of celery, 50 ml of cream, 150 ml of milk, the right amount of flour.

The celery is boiled in 150 ml of water, and the salt, cream and 2 tablespoons of flour are transferred into the milk, and poured into the celery soup.

This soup is light and palatable, fresh and appetizing, with the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing the yin and stopping the blood.


Fresh apple juice: 250 grams of fresh celery, 1-2 apples.

Put fresh celery in boiling water for two minutes, chopped and juiced with green apples, 1 cup each time, 2 times a day.

Can lower blood pressure, calm the liver, calm, dissolve, and stomach to stop vomiting, diuretic.

It is suitable for hypertensive patients with dizziness, headache, flushing and mental excitement.