[How long can squeezed breastmilk be kept]_Breastmilk_How to save_Storage time

[How long can squeezed breastmilk be kept]_Breastmilk_How to save_Storage time

Modern society advocates breastfeeding for women. Breast milk intake for babies can meet the baby’s physical growth needs, and is the best ration for babies. However, when the baby is younger,If it is unnecessary, it is easy to cause milk to remain. At this time, mothers need to squeeze out the milk in time to prevent the occurrence of milk stasis. How long can the squeezed breast milk be stored?

How long can I squeeze breast milk?

First, the refrigerator freezer saves 0?
It can be stored under the condition of 4 ℃ for eight days. If the temperature of the refrigerator cannot be guaranteed, it is best to control it within 24 hours, especially on hot summer days.

Second, the length of cryopreservation of breast milk is closely related to the condition of the freezer. For a freezer that is kept at a temperature below 0 ° C from the refrigerated compartment, if the door needs to be opened and closed frequently, the storage period should not exceed 3?
4 months; if it is a deep freezer, the freezing temperature can reach minus 15 ℃?
18 ℃, and the door is not opened often, the shelf life can be as long as 6 months or even longer.

Third, the container used to freeze breast milk is also particular about the container, it is best to use suitable frozen, well-sealed plastic products, followed by glass products, it is best not to use metal products, thereby reducing the nutrition of breast milk.

Fourth, the thawed stored breast milk will decompose and look blue, yellow or brown, which is normal.

When thawing frozen breast milk, the sealed bag should be rinsed with cold water, and then hot water should be gradually added until the breast milk is completely thawed and raised to a temperature suitable for feeding.

Do not heat breast milk directly in a stove or microwave oven, otherwise the active nutrients in breast milk may be destroyed.

Generally, there are two types of breast milk storage, one is storage at room temperature, and the other is storage at refrigerator temperature: storage at room temperature is mainly carried out without refrigeration equipment, and it can be kept fresh for a short period of time. How long can it be stored?According to the room temperature at that time, if the indoor temperature is low, it can generally be stored for 24 hours, but if the indoor temperature is relatively high, the storage time varies from 6 hours to 12 hours.

Therefore, in order to prevent babies from eating stale and deteriorated breast milk, pregnant women are advised not to store breast milk at room temperature in summer.

Refrigerated storage is the practice of Baoma extruding breast milk in advance and keeping it fresh in refrigerated equipment such as refrigerators.

Refrigerated storage can help breast milk to be stored for a longer period of time, usually for a minimum of several days and up to several months.

However, if it is not a special case, it is recommended that Baomao do not store breast milk for so long, after all, it is too long, and the active ingredients in breast milk may be lost or deteriorated.