Face-lifting sports face fattening

Face-lifting sports face fattening

Separate face fattening is definitely outstanding.

Facial fattening is actually a problem of facial muscle training.

If you eat more and sleep more, you can’t get good results. Because it is slightly easier to accumulate in the abdomen and hips, and the face aunt, the muscle growth is slower.

Therefore, to quickly grow facial muscles, some specific methods are needed: (1) caries movement.

The mouth may be large, bite hard, repeat 30 times as a group, and do three groups.

This exercise can plump the cheek muscles.

  (2) Take the index finger and the middle finger under the cheekbone for a ring massage, each group 16 times, do three groups.

Above the above method, it can fill the muscles of the face and promote blood circulation in the face, making the face rosy and improving the skin.

The pain of facial muscles on the second day after exercise is effective.

  Note the use of the above methods: (1) Not as many times as possible.

My experience, in three groups, each group is 30 times better, too many times will have the opposite effect.

  (2) The effect is good every other day.

This is the same reason as bodybuilding training.

Give the muscles a day off.

  (3) Must cooperate with other parts of the exercise.

If you train your face muscles, the effect is very slow and even has no effect.

The method of practicing facial muscles on the second day of bodybuilding training can be used.

  (4) Eat more eggs, milk, pollen and other foods.

It is best not to smoke.

Don’t sleep too late at night.

  By adopting the above method, it is generally effective after 3-4 times of exercise.

However, it must be noted that at least half a year must be adhered to, otherwise the muscles that grow will still shrink.

  In addition, there are certain cosmetic methods.

Highlight some parts and hide some parts.

Thereby achieving an elegant and generous effect.

  Netizens also summed up a set of facial fattening methods for you.

  Persist in doing facial exercises every day: (1) open your mouth, try to open it, hold it for 2 seconds.
Exaggerated reading “ah” (a) (2) tightening the eyes, keep 2 seconds (3) pick up your mouth, hold on for two seconds. exaggerated reading “呜” (u) (4) exaggerated reading “one” (Yi) In this way, insist on doing it every day, doing it 4-5 times a day, and exercising the facial muscles. If you stick to it, your facial muscles will be very elastic and your skin will be very good.





  In addition, you can eat more chewing gum, exercise masseter muscles, muscles, and look more natural and full of face.

  You can also eat more nuts and exercise the masseter muscles.