How can I get a good neck?

How can I get a good neck?

How can I get a good neck?

Have you ever had a stiff neck when you are sleeping?

Do you know about some treatments for stiff neck?

Next, Xiaobian will introduce some methods for the treatment of neck pillows. I hope that these little knowledge can help everyone and alleviate the pain caused by the stiff neck. Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

  How to do a neck pillow, exercise therapy, head down on the chair, chest and abdomen, the head trying to go down, the following jaws licking the hips, then look up, eyes as far as possible.

  Sitting on the chair with the left and right heads, the arms naturally hang down, the head swings to the left, then the right swing, so that it repeats 20 times.

  Swinging and squatting on the chair, the two arms naturally hang down, slightly up, and swayed to the left and right for 20 consecutive times.

  Stretching on the bench, the chest is slightly raised, first extending the neck and then shrinking the neck down.

  Rotate and rotate sitting on the chair, the body does not move, first rotate to the left and rotate 90 degrees, then rotate to the right and rotate 90 degrees, even for 20 times.

  Second, mechanical therapy can be used for local irradiation of TDP lamp, local gyromagnetic therapy and local cold therapy or wet heat therapy.

In addition, a slight stiff neck can also be treated with an electric massage stick.

  The powerful and powerful massage function of the massage stick penetrates the muscle tissue, which can effectively relieve muscle soreness.

The weight of the massage stick is concentrated on the massage head, which greatly enhances the massage intensity and the effect is quite good.

  (3) The main acupoint of cupping therapy is Ashi.

  A is the location of the hole: the most obvious increase in tenderness.

  Matching points: damper, shoulder well.