10,000 steps a day to keep you healthy and healthy for a lifetime

10,000 steps a day to keep you healthy and healthy for a lifetime

For office workers, if there is no whole time to exercise, you can turn it into zero, go on the way to work or work, buy food, and if you can reach 6000 to 10,000 steps, you can also exercise.

  Long-term adherence to aerobic exercise can improve the body’s resistance and delay aging.

Exercise can enhance the heart and lung function and the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex, increase the consumption of a small amount, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce the incidence of heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

However, the current exercise population is mostly older, while younger people work less.

  Experts remind that unless it is a busy office worker, you can also incorporate fitness into your daily life.

If you don’t have a whole time to exercise, you can walk less than 6000 steps, then you can divide the exercise into several segments. As above, get off at two or three stops in advance and change to walk, or do things. Take a big step on the way to buy food, as long as you are in the middle of the day.The number of steps to walk together can reach 6,000 to 10,000 steps.

  Finally, the experts also reminded that when exercising, pay special attention to timely, moderate, and appropriate amount.

For example, when practicing yoga, the joints are moving in the opposite direction. If the joint is more than accepted, the joint is squeezed, which will damage the spine and cause traumatic arthritis or joint degenerative diseases.

The patients with weak or chronic diseases should also be moderate during exercise. Generally, they feel comfortable and have a slight fever.

The elderly should not exercise for a long time, otherwise they will not be able to exercise, but will damage the body due to excessive fatigue.

People who don’t exercise often can’t exercise too much.