Only one action per night, almost the legs are thin, and the spirit is much better.

Only one action per night, almost the legs are thin, and the spirit is much better.

“Cross-walled” combines the advantages of inverted posture, such as preventing varicose veins, improving blood circulation, etc.; but for people with stiff head muscles, this position is still somewhat difficult, so it is best to prepare a large pillow for cushioning.Step on it and enjoy the benefits of this position!

The benefits of legs up against the wall 1 ease the edema and low blood pressure of the thighs and feet, people who sit for a long time every day, it is better to do this pose.

Through the inverted legs, the circulation of body fluids is promoted, and all edema and other relief are alleviated.

2 relieve leg fatigue and hang your legs inside, you can make your legs and feet feel a sense of tension, and even have a certain degree of relaxation.

3 effortless inverted inverted three-dimensional benefits: let the blood pressure normal; let the body fluids; promote digestion.

The upside down of the leg against the wall is not like the handstand, it takes too much effort to carry out.

It allows you to rest and relax while you practice.

4 soothing the nervous system to make the legs up against the wall, in order to deep relaxation of the body.

With slow, regular breathing, it is a nerve that stimulates relaxation and digestion.

Under this condition, the body is more efficient in digestion and fatigue can be quickly restored.

Keep practicing and lowering, your body’s health will be significantly improved, and you will find it easy to stay calm.

5 Cultivating a calm mental prediction As mentioned before, one of the biggest benefits of this style is to make it easy for you to calm down and let your thoughts focus on breathing and enter the state of meditation.

How do you lift your legs against the wall?


If the body is stiff, the distance between the legs and the wall can be slightly more distant;

If the body is soft, you can choose to be closer to the wall;

Try to move your body according to the mat until you find the most effective position for you;

Let the legs lean against the wall and try to keep it vertical;

Feel the center of gravity of your thigh bones and abdomen from the back of the pelvis to the main shaft; 6.

Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing; 7.

Hold for 10-15 minutes; 8.

Finally, when you put down your legs, bend your knees so that your feet are on the wall and raise the pedals.

Then put down the chest, exhale, and get up and return to sitting.

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